Meinhard Trojer (Austria)
email: meinhardtrojer (at)
mobile: +43.650.5637424

Vice President
Cecilia Flatum (Norway)
email: cecilia (at)
mobile: +47 952 688 05

Vice President
Marco Sampaoli (Italy)
email: marco (at)

Board of Directors

Ishihara Shigeru (Japan)
email: icyroad2 (at)

Miriam Deller (China)
email: miriam.deller (at)

Gian Luca “Jimmi” Zanetti (Italy)
email: gianlucajzanetti (at)

Robert Joncas (Canada)
email: lebob(at)

Sascha Giger (Switzerland)
email: Sacha.Giger(at)

WSF Departments and Committee

Membership and Administration
Anna Negri (General Secretary) .

Communication and Media relations
Marco Sampaoli . marco (at)

PR Department
Silvia Zucchiati (Press Office) . silvia (at)

Website . Technical Support
Gian Luca Zanetti . webmaster (at)

Website . Content management
Elisa Maria Ferrari . elisa (at)

WSF Judge Coordinator
Iztok Sumatic . iztok.sumatic (at)

World Rookie Tour and Event Committee
Meinhard Trojer . meinhardtrojer (at)

Education Committee (Clinics, Research etc.)
Annika Bodemar . annika.bodemar (at)

South America Ranking & Event Manager
Sandro Garcia –