Event Information for REGIONAL and NATIONAL Level Season 2014/15

We hereby provide you the necessary infos on how to get your events part of the World Snowboard Tour and its ranking systems. The WSF continues working together with TTR Pro Snowboarding, the owner of the World Snowboard Tour and WSPL.

The WSF, as service provider, has been granted the exclusive and world-wide right to approve any events for the World Snowboard Tour on REGIONAL and NATIONAL level in collaboration with the TTR Tour Management.

Event Benefits
WSF is working generously in providing the nations and event organizers qualitative services for their REGIONAL and NATIONAL level events. The event benefit document gives a detailed overview about the profits you may get from your events by both: WSF as well as being part of the World Snowboard Tour.

All information / applications to be sent to:

Event Calendar

Event Application

WSF Event Coordinator, Meini Trojer