WSF Para-Snowboard competitions are run as a time trial (also known as “sling shot”) format on a Snowboard Cross (SBX) course. The sling-shot format consists of each rider performing three (3) timed runs, with only one rider on the course at a time.

Results are calculated for World Cups (WCs) and World Championships (WChs) as follows:

WC: All competitors take three (3) sling-shot or timed runs – the best (fastest) two timed runs will be combined to determine the final result.

WCh: All competitors take six (6) sling-shot or timed runs over two days – three (3) timed runs in Day 1 and three (3) timed runs in Day 2. The two (2) best (fastest) timed runs after Day 1 and Day 2 are then combined to determine the final result.

The course set up is the same as for able-bodied SBX competitions at the regional series level.

A sling-shot SBX format provides a combination of both race and freestyle elements, while challenging the riders regardless of their disability. The event format is also conducive to the internationally recognised WSF Para-Snowboard Classification System.

For more information please download the Para-Snowboard Rules and Regulations

WSF Para-Snowboard Ranking

Para-Snowboard Points are awarded from WSF Para-Snowboard competitions (WC and WCh).
The WSF Para-Snowboard Cross (Para-SBX) Ranking lists are updated and posted on the WSF Para-Snowboard website after the completion of a WSF Para-Snowboard competition.

Check the WSF Para-Snowboard Cross Rank here

Para-Snowboard Race License

All riders competing in WSF Para-Snowboard competitions are required to have a valid Para-Snowboard Race License.
A Para-Snowboard Race License may not be purchased directly by a rider, but must be purchased on his or her behalf by their NSA or WSF authorised equivalent organisation.
The Para-Snowboard competition year runs from 01 July through 30 June. Licences are issued on an annual basis, and are in effect from the date of registration by the WSF through to the following 30 June.
The License Fee for each rider is €40 if renewed on or before 31 December*, and €60 if purchased and registered after 31 December.
An Athlete’s Eligibility Code Form must also be signed by both the rider and their NSA or WSF authorised equivalent organisation and submitted before the License comes into effect.
Only riders who have been given a Sport Class by a WSF Classification Panel are eligible to participate in Para-Snowboard competitions. Riders who have not been classified are ineligible to participate in WSF sanctioned Para-Snowboard events, but may be eligible to participate in lower level events.

For more information on the WSF Para-Snowboard Race License process please refer to the Para-Snowboard Rules and Regulations.

All necessary Para-Snowboard Race License Forms can be downloaded below:
WSF Para-Snowboard Athlete Eligibility Code Form
WSF Para-Snowboard Licence Form