World Snowboard Day: The Coutdown has begun

December 19, 2014
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Sunday, December 21, 2014, promises good times and snowboard-sliding fun. So get your gear ready pronto; in five days at a resort near you things are about to rock! As usual, you will find a whole host of activities during the event: contests, beginner snowboard lessons, gear tests, demos, meet-and-greets with professional riders, drinks, concerts, video contests, and much, much more. The only goal will be to have an unbelievably GOOD TIME! Enjoy activities for free, open to anyone and everyone, in order to discover the joys of sliding on snow, to share a common passion for snowboarding, and above all else to enjoy one outrageously excellent day!


This year, as with other years, the major players in snowboarding from all over the world have come together. As of now there are more than 88 events in 29 countries, hundreds of free activities open to everyone in order to make this coming Sunday, SNOWBOARDING DAY!

–          European countries answered the call in force, and WSD will be celebrated in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

–          As usual, China will join the adventure and has 9 events already registered. We will also be able to count on Japan and South Korea to prepare us a mind-blowing experience for the 9th edition of World Snowboard Day! And this year, we are especially proud to announce that we have an event in India, in Gulmarg!

–          North America has also planned a plethora of events, with more than 12 in the USA and several events in Canada. The big surprise this year comes from the Southern Hemisphere, with 5 events in Brazil, 1 in Argentina, and 1 event in Peru! WSD will definitely have a Latino flavor this year!

To learn about the events organized in a neighborhood near you, take a look at the WSD website:

In order to reduce the environmental impact of all these events, World Snowboard Day has joined forces with Mountain Riders, an association that promotes sustainability in the mountains, to publish an eco-guide for organizers so that they have the right tools in hand to plan and host an environmentally friendly World Snowboard Day event!

A second partnership has been established with Mountain Ride Share, a carpool website that specializes in traveling to ski resorts, in order to reduce CO2 emissions (good for the planet) as well as transportation costs (good for your wallet)!

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