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Snowmission 2017

Feb 03, 2017Comments off

The Snowmission is now Quebec’s only non-profit event dedicated to the sport of snowboarding! From Friday, March 17 to Sunday, March 19, 2017, the Parc

Transilvania Rookie Fest: Results

Jan 28, 2017Comments off

The weekend at the Transilvania Rookie Fest was awesome! It was a real battle between Bulgarians and Romanians rookies! We saw a good level of

Trentino Rookie Fest is Here! The final cou...

Jan 25, 2017Comments off

Rookies, get ready… Black Yeti is excited to announce that the Monte Bondone Snowpark is ready to host you and yours stunning runs during the 2017 Trentino Rookie Fest.

WRT: next stop is coming with the Bulgarian...

Jan 25, 2017Comments off

Black Yeti is almost ready to the trip in Bulgaria, an amazing country with a unique culture and one of the best snowpark in the whole Balkans.

WSD 11th edition is tomorrow

Jan 20, 2017Comments off

Next Sunday, January 22 is the day when the community of snowboarding comes together to celebrate snowboarding! For the 2015 anniversary edition, WSD hosted 115

Birkir Georgsson and Margherita Meneghetti ...

Jan 19, 2017Comments off

The future of snowboarding looks bright here in Livigno at the Mottolino Snowpark, at the 12th edition of the World Rookie Fest. Under a beautiful blue sky,

Choice Split & Freeride Camps 2017

Jan 18, 2017Comments off

It´s on! Mother Hulda has been delivering and the powder hunt has just begun! With the official start of the freeriding season, the Choice Split

Qualification day is over at the 2017 World...

Jan 17, 2017Comments off

Under clear blue sky, the last day of qualifiers for the male category went down today in the Mottolino Snowpark! Rookies and groms certainly had the skills

World Rookie Fest 2017: day 2 with girls...

Jan 16, 2017Comments off

World Rookie Fest got underway in Mottolino Snowpark Livigno today with 144 competitors aged 9 to 18, competing in the slopestyle contest. Today, during the girls qualifications,

Transilvania Rookie Fest 2017 is ready to g...

Jan 14, 2017Comments off

The 2017 edition of the Transilvania Rookie Fest will happen again in Arena Platoș, Romania, from 20 to 22 January 2017. With more than 30 riders in the