The purpose of the WSF EVENT CALENDAR is to collect the scheduled and planned dates of all national and regional snowboard events and projects, from Banked Slalom Events, RailJams, Kids Events, Test Rides, Women Camps and so on.

After submission and processing of your data, your event will be listed on WSF EVENT CALENDAR.

If you are interested in joining the WSF Banked Slalom Tour, please send a request at irene@worldsnowboardfederation.org

If you are interested in submitting your event for the World Snowboard Point List and the World Rookie Rank, please reach out to office@worldsnowboardfederation.org

WSF is the only international organisation exclusively working to develop and care for the sport of snowboarding at all levels. To be a member of WSF means entering a network of snowboard associations that cooperate worldwide for the sport development. As a member of the World Snowboard Federation you can benefit from many aspects in different fields. Besides that you will become part of a community which aims to develop snowboarding on all levels. For the love of snowboarding. Here you can find more informations about WSF Benefits.

Here you can submit your event dates for the World Snowboarding Event Schedule, look up fees, find the “how to” for results preparation and submission for the WSPLs as well as other helpful organizer info & downloads.