• The World Rookie Rank is a classification for riders 18 and under through the WSF and the WSPL
  • Through a partnership with WSF and the World Rookie Tour, results from the WRR will qualify athletes for the World Rookie Finals
  • Selected winners of various WRT events will also compete in the finals of the World Rookie Tour
  • Winners of the World Rookie Finals will be awarded with the title of World Rookie Champion
  • Athletes are then offered a unique opportunity to enter the world of professional snowboarding through various filming and events invitations reserved exclusively for World Rookie Champions. This gives the young riders an amazing platform to develop their future snowboarding careers.

Throughout the years, the World Rookie Rank evolved from only being a reflection of the World Rookie Tour events to a comprehensive collection of the best youth events around the world.

During the first Covid-19 winter, all events on the WSPL have been uploaded directly as well to the WRR, in order to give more opportunities to youngsters to gain points and progress in their careers due to the limited amount of events organized during that winter.
For 2021/22 season, all WSF events have been uploaded directly to both the WSPL and WRR, whereas FIS events had the possibility to request and be uploaded to the WRR as well. This new strategy turned out to be very successful for both WSF and WRR, but especially for the younger athletes since they had more opportunities to compete and progress.

What are the goals of the World Rookie Rank and World Rookie Tour?

  • Serve each nation with a true World Rookie Rank that will grow participation in the events
  • Develop momentum and brand loyalty with WSF to then build and support WSF Mission and Values
  • Partnering with the already established WRT and Yeti brand builds on strengths and already existing network
  • Through qualifying events WSF can help to populate the WRT finals and create a new revenue stream in partnership with WRT
  • Promote inclusion for non-FIS aged event schedule via the WSPL through the WSF for a nominal fee
  • Qualification pathway to World Rookie Finals

What are the benefits of the World Rookie Rank?

  • Incorporate existing WRT to raise event value
  • Qualify to higher level events through regional WSF/WRR competitions
  • Build a global network of events and riders
  • More than 1000 riders out of 30 Nations on the rank in the 2018/19 season
  • Focus on age appropriate in line with WSF Mission and Vison
  • Provide access to WSPL for non-FIS events
  • Offer national young riders more opportunities to qualify for the World Rookie Finals

Here you can submit your event dates for the World Snowboarding Event Schedule and World Rookie Rank, look up fees, find the “how to” for results preparation and submission for the WSPLs as well as other helpful organizer info & downloads.

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