WSF is the only international organisation exclusively working to develop and care for the sport of snowboard at all levels. To be a member of WSF means entering a network of snowboard association that cooperate world wide for the sport development. As a member of the World Snowboard Federation you can benefit from many aspects in different fields. Besides that you will become part of a community which aims to develop snowboarding on all levels. For the love of snowboarding.

Membership Benefits

WSF Member

WSF members will be listed in the official WSF member section on the website and they will be included in all WSF communication through all digital platforms.

Full Voting Rights

WSF full members have full voting rights at the WSF annual General Assembly.

WSF Events and Programs

WSF members can submit their events, participate in online clinics and take part in WSF projects

Services for members

Promotion of snowboard in general is important through the WSF website. Members can have their activities promoted here as well as read about what is going on in other nations. Riders can read about their ranking positions and check if results lists are correct. Connected to this web site, a the WSF press office assists members with the communication of main events and also introduces national news in the WSF Newsletter.

WS National Ranking List

WSF members can access WS National Ranking List, generated and updated through the WSPL ranking list.

Rookie to Pro ranking

Member nations are given the possibility to get events on the World Snowboard Point List and on the World Rookie Tour. Giving the riders a chance to get on the “rookie to pro” ranking list. To include your events on the WS and WRR means you make the riders feeling like a real competitor, motivate event organisers to improve their events and offer sponsors higher valued events.

Events & Projects support

As a WSF member you can also get in touch with our Project Officer who is ready to provide ideas on events and projects you could develop within your organization. Our Project Officer works closely with our Communication Officer who can then provide communication tips of the particular event or project.

PR and Communication

As a WSF member you gain access to PR and communication support from WSF. Your events and activities are promoted on the WSF website and social media channels – including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Based on agreement, you can also gain access to a position in the monthly newsletter. Besides this our Project Officer can also guide you how to communicate your events or activities on your own channels.

WSF Banked Slalom

The WSF Banked Slalom Tour is a open tour, meaning that all events are welcome and supported by WSF. Project and Communication teams will support all events taking part in the tour, from the local to the international ones. We invite all national associations that already have a banked slalom contest on their schedule to be part of the tour. We give technical support to those who have never organized a banked slalom event and we also support the communication for those events that are already planned for the 2019/20 season.


WSF intend to develop a complete educational system with materials (translated into English) and courses/clinics for different functions on all level. This season WSF offer:

  • Online Judge Material, Tests and Clinics
  • Workshops on grass root projects
  • Clinics for Technical Delegates

Also WSF is working on systems for authorisation of international instructors and plan on regularly basis to host clinics about subjects relating to international snowboard.In addition to education based on traditional methods, WSF works on the WSF Academy. The purpose is to help our members to build strong national snowboard associations. Any WSF member will have the access to all information stored inside the Academy and be able to download updated materials from any place in the world.