2013 Indy Park Jam Rookie Fest

The “Indy Park Jam Rookie Fest” kicked off on 20th of March 2013 at Nekoma, Japan where the world could witness Japan’s young and restless rising stars from Japan. 50 Rookies and Groms were ready to rock the slopes with the opportunity to win a ticket for the upcoming World Rookie Finals in Ischgl, Austria.

“Indy Park Jam” is a special formula from the ex-Olympian Michiyo Hahsimoto, When she stopped competing after Salt Lake Olympic and got a kid, she came up with the idea of a specialized training camp for young snowboarders – this was 10 years ago and called “Kirara Kamp”.
Some kids from the camp developed into world class snowboard pros like Yuki KADONO who won the “Oakley Air&Style” at Beijing China early this season.
This year’s course included a. 14m kicker, followed by a 15m kicker, Down Rail Kink Box, Down Rail Kink End or Straight Rail and ended with a Straight Down Rail or Straight Down Box.
Groms and Rookies were competing and the two best runs counted for the ranking. The IJC judges picked out the best 12 Boys and 6 Girls for the final two runs which Reira Iwabuchi (Girls) and Keita Inamura (Boys) won.
Winning run of Reira IWABUCHI:
B3 ->7 -> Transfer Board Slide -> F50/50 -> F50/50 to Board Slide.and
Winning run of Keita INAMURA
Switch B9 -> B10 -> Board Slide to Fakie -> Switch Boardslide -> Cab 270 Boardslide.
2. JPN Yahiro WAKI
3. JPN Tatsuki INAMURA

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2013 World Rookie Tour Calendar
Transilvania Rookie Fest – Arena Platos, Romania – 4.6 January 2013 – 2*TTR // DONE
WSF World Rookie Fest – Livigno, Italy – 12.16 January 2013 – 2*TTR // DONE
French Fries Rookie Fest – Avoriaz, France – 9.10 February 2013 – 2*TTR
Trentino Rookie Fest – Monte Bondone, Italy – 14.17 February 2013 – 2* TTR
East Rookie Fest – Rejdice, Czech Republic – 22.24 March 2013 – 2* TTR
Bulgarian Rookie Fest – Pamporovo, Bulgaria – 23.24 March 2013 – 2* TTR
Indy Park Banzai Rookie Fest – Nokoma, Japan – 19.20 March 2013 – 2* TTR
Volkl Rookie Finals – Ischgl, Austria – 3.7 April 2013 – 3*TTR
Australian Rookie Fest – Thredbo, Australia – August 2013 – 2* TTR
South America Rookie Fest – Valle Nevado, Chile – August 2013 – 2* TTR

If you dream to become a professional snowboarder your future starts at the World Rookie Tour!

Author: silvia