2015 Dragon Banked Slalom is a Wrap

On March 7 2015, the first annual DRAGON BANKED SLALOM was held at Dolomiti Mountain Resort in China as part of the WSF Banked Slalom Tour. Riders from across China, but mainly from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei joined the contest.

2_CHINA 2015__MG_9567

1_CHINA 2015__MG_9083

3_CHINA 2015__MG_9315

The tops spots were taken by these three Ladies:

1. 路晓晓
2. 杨娟 (其其格)
3. 韩雪

and Men’s results:

1. Andrew Seed
2. 孙一鸣
3. 林博翰

More Banked Slalom action will return next season, stay tuned on CSbA channels and Boardzone.cn for news and updates!

Author: Elisa