25 Years of Riding for JSBA

6th November 2007, Shibuya Camelot, Tokyo. Japan SnowBoarding Association (JSBA) will celebrate 25th years anniversary confirming itself as the oldest independent snowboard association around the globe. Ishi, international delegate for JSBA, provide us a short summer of 25 years of Japanese Riding history.

The history start from here..
in October 1982 JSBA was established. season 82/83 very 1st All Japan Snowboarding Championship was organized at KYOWA Ski resort, Akita prefecture. It was bamboo gate for slalom and downhill race. That was good old days.

In 1990 linked North American SnowBoarding Association (N.A.S.B.A.) … They can’t use Snowboard for one word reason of N.A.S.A. is already recognized organization! In 1991 linked Snowboard European Association (SEA). 1992 when International Snowboard Federation (ISF) is formed with board member Kazuo Ogura snowboarding ready to World Cup circuit and hit youth culture in nation wide.

JSBA is not only technical organization such as competition. Education for instructors is very early stage of market. Also snowboard patrol system they have: more than 17,000 members enjoyed many of service menu following.

About 25th years anniversary event …award set for effort member last 25 years, racer, organizer, resort… and many many legend snowboarders in this list. Side event for all age snowboarder for snowboard History museum. Some of legacy you never find on e Bay auction!! Very rare vintage snowboard race on DVD to show!! On 6th november 2007 Shibuya in Japan must be the place for snowboarders.

For more info www.jsba.jp

Author: mucca