- 30 to the World Snowboard Day 2012

The World Snowboard Federation, EuroSIMA and Outdoor Sports Valley, in partnership with SnowSports Industries America, Core Power Asia and TTR Pro Snowboarding, announce that the 7th edition of World Snowboard Day will take place on Sunday, December 30th, 2012.

This year, one of the world’s top female snowboarders will be spicing up this new edition: Anne-Flore Marxer, Freeride World Champion, agreed to be the official ambassador for WSD 2012!
Watch Anne Flore introducing the WSD teaser here:
«What I love the most about WSD is how it reunites thousands of people around the world for our shared passion! we all LOVE snowboarding and this is a great opportunity to celebrate our sport on this very special day!» declares Anne-Flore.
«Enjoy the connection with people thousands of kilometers away, it’s not about where you are from, your gender, your age or your snwoboarding skills. it’s all about snowboarding and having fun! Enjoy».
World Snowboard Day is therefore very proud to have by its side this amazing snowboarder to celebrate the 7th edition.
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With one month to go until World Snowboard Day, it’s time to register your event on the official website and get tons of benefits!
Created in 2006 by EuroSIMA, the World Snowboard Federation and Outdoor Sports Valley, and in partnership with SnowSports Industries America, Core Power Asia and TTR Pro Snowboarding, World Snowboard Day is an international event to provide everybody the opportunity to discover, for free,
snowboarding as a sport and culture across the world’s summits.
This year, World Snowboard Day will be celebrating its 7th edition on Sunday, December 30th, 2012. There are 47 events in 22 countries already on board, and you, are you in?
Becoming a World Snowboard Day organizer is a great opportunity for you to join the international snowboard community, and offers multiple benefits for your company, your club, your association, your brand… to:
– Build a newfound passion for snowboarding and the next generation of enthusiasts – Promote a club project, strengthen your team, and develop member loyalty – Increase public awareness about your structure, your job and your passion – Create long lasting relationships with other actors and institutions
– Generate public awareness about environmental protection – Take advantage of broad media coverage of the event

The program and all useful information about the event are available on the official website: www.world-snowboard-day.com

Don’t forget to register your event online to take advantage of the international exposure of World Snowboard Day! It only takes five minutes in order to benefit from the high visibility and extensive communications support for the event. Don’t miss a single minute and became part of the biggest snowboard event in the world by registering online!
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Author: mucca