8th EXR Snowboard Festival Asian Tour

8th” is lucky number in an asian country and the 8th edition of the 3Star EXR Snowboard Festival celebrated the New Year again in Phoenix Park, Korea. 8 Invitational Japanese pro riders traveling to Brother country Korea in a -15 degree night finals challange with local riders for an amazing Korea V.S Japan Super Final to celebrate a united snowboard world.

Korea welcome the New Year 2011 with the grand breaking 3 Star TTR and WSF contest in Phoenix Park !!

Korea’s finest fashion brand “EXR” sponsored this event 8 times while 8 Invitational Japanese pro riders traveling to Brother country Korea.

Despite the -15 degree the night finals was super hot with Korea V.S Japan. UenoYuki is the women champion for the second time in a row thanks to a back flip that made her to bring home 1000 usd prize money.

In the Mens heat 16 top rider shows their professional skill to SBS TV: 3dr place for Otake Nobuo with a back flip, 2nd place for the famous Korean pro rider Lee Yong Ho who ride thanks to a frontside 900. 1 fisrt went to the korean Yoshida Yasuaki going off with a Stylish tweaked flip spin who won 3000 USD!!

After party was great and Korean and Japanese riders get together for a ” united snowboard world”. Biggest thank to “EXR” and “Phoenix Park” to make all of this make happen anfd big thanks also to the Korean Snowboard Association crew!!

Author: silvia