Air & Style - The Risks

Air & Style – The Risks, is the 6th Video segment from a collection cut out of the 2009/2010 Swatch TTR TV Show series. This edit brings up the risks snowboarders face competing at events with purpose built structures that vary from event to event. The piece takes a look at Canadian rider, Sebastien “SebToots” Toutant’s, injury at last years Billabong Air &Style Innsbruck and his firsthand account of the accident. The kid is tough as nails, made a full recovery last season, came back to take a third place finish at the 6Star US Open slopestyle in March and will be competing at the Air & Style Beijing in a few days time.

Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour: The Risks In Snowboarding from ttrworldtour on Vimeo.

Injuries are, unfortunately, sometimes part of a pro snowboarder’s life. Even the most experienced athletes face risks every single day up on the hill and while competing at events. It’s a fine line between stomping and bailing a trick and when a rider is going big and sketches out it can bring consequences. In this video, Seb Toots, who is a very solid and consistent rider, was the first to test the speed for the large gap jump at the Billabong Air & Style Innsbruck last December. Toots relives the moment in the hospital after the fall and explains, “I dropped, did two speed-checks and then right on the take-off, I figured, I was going way too fast.” The setups and conditions are always different from event to event, and can event change by the hour, which is why riders need to test the jumps so they can dial in the speed and lines they need to take. In this video you will see riders like Mikkel Bang and Torstein Horgmo, as well as, head judge Dan “Kiwi” Mayer reflect back on the day.

Author: silvia