Air&Style Quarter Pipe Results

February 2nd 2008: The Bergisel Stadium in Innsbruck, Austria was packed with screaming fans as riders reached incredible heights and laid down some of the sickest tricks ever seen on a Quarterpipe at the Billabong Air & Style. Kevin Pearce (USA) took the Swatch TTR FIVE(5)STAR Title, his second Air & Style win of the season, and moved into World No. 2 on the rankings, right behind Risto Mattila (FIN) who still holds on to his TTR Tour lead.

Pearce was more than happy with his evening’s accomplishments: “It’s just amazing to come here and get another Air & Style win. I totally wasn’t expecting it. The TTR events have been working out well so it’s awesome that I’m still up there. I’m stoked!”

The atmosphere was full of intensity, as a roaring crowd pushed the riders to lay it all on the line, resulting in some hard hits on the coping, but also some huge airs with even bigger style. Pearce stomped a smooth BS 5 Alley-oop, rising to just over 7m, landing him on the top of the podium. Scotty Lago (USA) took second on his 3rd hit pumping up the crowd with a huge FS 7 Alley-oop as Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) rounded out the Top 3 with a massive BS 5 that pushed him into Swatch TTR World No. 3.

Terje Haakonsen’s record Quarterpipe height of 9.8m was almost broken, had Jack Mitrani (USA) landed after being the first rider to look down from 10.2 m. Mitrani did however take home the Swatch Highest Air Title of the night after successfully landing an 8.2 m BS Air and is now TTR World No. 30.

Other big changes in the TTR rankings include Andy Finch (USA) moving down to World No. 4 as Swiss rider Markus Keller moves into the Top Ten at World No. 9. Antti Autti’s (FIN) sick Inverted 7 and 4th place finish at the Air & Style moves him up to World No. 11 with Scotty Lago close behind in the No. 12th position. Arthur Longo (FRA) stomped huge BS Airs that placed him 15th and earned him World No. 16 as Kim Rune Hansen (NOR) sits just below at World No. 17.

Billabong Air & Style Final Results
1. Kevin Pearce USA Burton
2. Scotty Lago USA Billabong
3. Peetu Piiroinen FIN Burton
4. Antti Autti FIN Billabong
5. Arthur Longo FRA APO
6. Colin Frei SUI K2
7. Markus Keller SUI Nitro
8. Kim Rune Hansen NOR Burton

Author: mucca