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Style and Legends at the 2015 South America Rookie Fest

For the sixth year in a row the last weekend the World Rookie Tour shredded down to Cile for the South America Rookie Fest 2015 in Valle Nevado, thanks to Mall Sport & DC Shoes.


With the participation of the best rookies of Chile, Argentina and Brasil, and the invited World Grom Champion in charge Wendelin Gauger, another great edition of this unique event went on. The rookies enjoyed an amazing life experience meeting new friends from different countries, learning different cultures and living the true boardsports lifestyle.


After the competition a sick skate session went down in the Mall Sport skatepark, right after a super fun sesh in the Artificial Wave of the Mall, and thanks to Santa Pizza a dinner for all the talented, young riders, future stars of the chilean snowboard scene, ended the night.


But there is more. Some of the invited riders joined the World Grom Champion for a snowboard, surf and skate trip around Chile.

There’s nothing better than seeing those kids having a great time and enjoying all the activities of the event. The rookies also had the opportunity to share some time with the snowboard legend Bryan Iguchi and the pro snowboarder Tomi Materi from Argentina, they will never forget the time and things they learned from this experience.

IMG_3852 IMG_3968

Slopestyle results:

1. Alvaro Yañez (Chi)
2. Julian Cortes (Chi)
3. Benja Yañez (Chi)
4 Pascal Uranga (Chi)

1. Antonia Yañez (Chi)
2. Mai Gonzalez (Chi)

1. Fede Chiradio (Arg)
2. Wendelin Gauger (Sui)
3. Bruno Natalucci (Arg)
4. Lucas Fuenzalida (Chi)

rookie podium
girls podium
grom podium


Check here the video!!


photo: Gian Luca ‘Jimmi’ Zanetti
video: Federico Romanello

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Livingroom Banked – Vintage Snowboard Days

Make new friends and and meet the stars! Our banked slalom is the first stop of the Banked Slalom World Tour – win a starting place at the Mt.Baker Banked Slalom! Compete with your snowboard or snow skate and there are big extra prices for the middle time!


9.01.2015 – 11.01.2015

The events:

– Banked Slalom
– Style Session
– Opening of the Snowboardmuseum
– Swap Meet
– Live Concert
– Meet & Greet wit the Stars: Bob Klein, Stefan Gimpl, Nicola Thost, Björn Hartweger, Hans Jörg Unterrainer…


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Beaver Valley Banked Slalom

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250 local shredders will compete in the thrd ever banked slalom event in Eastern Canada on March 28th 2015 at Beaver Valley Ski Club near Markdale, ON! Based on the model of the Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom, the BVSC Banked Slalom is an open-registration event, featuring a course of banked-turns, winding its way down one of the most beautiful stretches of the Niagara Escarpment and landing at the clubhouse deck for the Apres Party! In addition to the Banked Slalom event guests and members not competing in the event, may enjoy a day of skiing/snowboarding, yoga, hiking/snowshoeing and an Apres Ski on the deck with live music

This annual event is in honour of long time BVSC club member and committed snowboard community member Jackie Snarr, who lost her life tragically in 2010 while riding her snowboard. Proceeds from the event go to Rebecca’s Hope for Leukemia Research at Princess Margaret Hospital. A charitable organization that supports the cure for Leukemia that Jackie had a part in starting. Charitable donations can be made directly to PMHF on behalf of Jackie Snarr at (a charitable tax receipt will be issued automatically)

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Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom

20 – 22.03.2015
Big White Ski Resort BC

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2015 Tenjin Banked Slalom

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Legendary heavy snowfall mountain name Mt.Tanigawa near Tokyo. there is tram access small ski resort name “Tenjindaira”.”Tenjindaira Banked Slalom” event start locally three seasons ago run by ex Pro rider and “TJ”Brand director name “Yosuke Nishida” who calls up US North West legend Snowboarder “Matt Cummins”.

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Obereggen Banked Slalom


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Snowvalley Banked Ralley – Banked Slalom


2015After a good ten years of event organization and just a two year break to catch their breath, Snowvalley and the HCCP Crew got together to bring you a brand new format with an all new kick-ass event: The Snowvalley BANKED Ralley!

Where nowadays you almost loose count on the triple corks and 3+ rotations in events its time to go back to where it all began; shredding for fun!

We are proud to be Part of the frstever World Banked Slalom Tour by World Snowboarding Federation with our contest. So on 14th of February there will be a slalom from peak to bottom that will lead you through Planneralm’s rocking natural terrain. The riders will have all the capabilities to blast as fast & stylish as they can to the fnish. But there’s more! Throughout the run there will be obstacles that you can hit for extra time bonuses. Meaning the more style, the faster your time. You don’t even need hardboots to be the fastest!It will all be to bring that smile on your face when you fy down that mountain.If you’re more into park riding, we have that covered as well. Our park will be ready and fresh as a newborn baby. If you want to keep it mellow we’ve also got the Snowvalley Kids Rodeo waiting for you.When the day fied by we’ll all head down to The Rock, for a killer After-Contest- Party!Specially for this event we offer some interesting weekend packages.Don’t miss this epic weekend! We’ll see you on the mountain!

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Japan takes over the South America Rookie Fest 2014

A clear blue sky welcomed the 5th edition of the South America Rookie Fest in Valle Nevado , Chile, with participants from Chile and Argentina and the guest from Japan, Keita Inamura World Rookie Champion and Kaito Hamada World Grom Champion.


The slopestyle well shaped by the Gap Snowpark crew, with a down rail, two kickers and a rail set at the end, gave to every rider the chance to impress the judge. Best run of three counted for the ranking of the event.

Thanks to the sunny day and the good vibe rookies and groms showed a great level.
Local hero Antonia Yanez resulted as best girl with solid 360 on the kickers. In the groms category Kaito Hamada laid down the best run, with a fs3 and a huge bs7, followed by Julian Cortes and Alvaro Yanez.
Keita Inamura confirmed is good condition with an impressive run, bstail 270out on the first rail, fs7 and bs10 on the kickers and 270in fs board slide on last rail set. Behind him, as second in rookie category, came Federico Chiaradio from Argentina stomping cab5 and fs7, on third position team mate from Argentina, Pedro Bidegain.

Keita Inamura – 1st place Rookie

Federico Chiaradio – 2nd place Rookie

Kaito Hamada – 1st Place Grom

Antonia Yanez – Best Girl

Check it out the video of the contest!

South America Rookie Fest 2014 – Rankings

1)    19    YANEZ    ANTONIA    CHI

1)    2    HAMADA    KAITO    JPN
2)    22    CORTES    JULIAN    CHI
3)    18    YANEZ    ALVARO    CHI
4)    24    YANEZ    BENJAMIN    CHI
5)    6    CORREA    FELIPE    ARG
6)    5    MOLLER    PEDRO    ARG
7)    25    SILVA    LUCAS    CHI
8)    4    MONZON    MANUEL    ARG
9)    3    LORENZANI    GERMAN    CHI
10)    14    MEDINA    MATIAS    CHI
11)    12    MOLLER    JUSTO    ARG
12)    13    RUGGERIO    FRANCO    ARG
13)    17    KOONS    SEAN    USA

1)    1    INAMURA    KEITA    JPN
2)    16    CHIARADIO    FEDERICO    ARG
3)    9    BIDEGAIN    PEDRO    ARG
4)    21    MACHICAO    LUCAS    CHI
5)    7    NATALUCCI    BRUNO    ARG
6)    15    CRESPO    FLORIAN    ARG
7)    50    AEDO    BENJAMIN    CHI
8)    20    LIBCOVKER    AGUSTIN    ARG
9)    8    SCHOBERT    MARCO    ARG
10)    10    RUIZ    RAMIRO    ARG
11)    23    CARDEMIL    BENJAMIN    CHI

Girls Podium

Groms Podium

Rookies Podium

pics: Juan Carlos Labarca


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2013 Australian Rookie Fest

The fourth year in a row, the Black Yeti hits Down Under for the 2013 Australian Rookie Fest. The 2 Star WST slopestyle event will take place from 22th to 23th August 2013 in Thredbo, Australia.

Some of the world’s best young shredders will fight for amazing prizes:
  • All 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters qualify for the World Rookie Tour Finals in Ischgl Austria, a 3 star WST event, in April, 2014.
  • The male and female Rookie winner will also receive all inclusive (registration, accommodation, meals and lift tickets – travel is not included) entries to the event.
  • Highest placed Australian male and female rookie competitor will receive
Reports World Rookie Tour

Results from 2012 Australian Rookie Fest

Ole Christian Hagen from Norway and Madison Alexis from Australia won the third edition of the TTR 3Star 2012 Australian Rookie Fest in Thredbo, the kick off event of the World Rookie Tour 2012/2013. Even if wind storms with heavy snow falls obliged to re-schedule the slopestyle competition to the reserve day, in the finals rookies from Australia and Europe shred the park for the third edition of this nice event and showcased a great level of riding.

Watch here the 2012 Australian Rookie Fest Video!

Around thirty riders from Norway, England and Australia shredded the rail and the two kickers of Thredbo Snowpark showcasing a great level of riding and many good tricks. Among the many prices, 2 tickets for a Red Bull Stunt Plane Flight and tickets to the 2013 World Rookie Final scheduled in Ischgl, Austria, at the end of winter season 2013.

Riders meeting before competition

The most impressive grom girl of the event was Cassandra Fortune from Australia who got first over Zahra Kell and Mahalah Mullins, respectively second and third. Among the grom boys the best one resulted the australian talent Joshua Vagne while Matthew Cox got second and Bodhi Kuwalia third. Madison Alexis won in the rookie girls category followed on the podium by Georgia Baff and Laura Whitehead.

Norwegian rising star Ole Christian Hagen, already winner of the leggendary 2012 Protest World Rookie Fest in Livigno, won the male rookie category with an impressive style and tons of good tricks on both rails and jumps. Local heroes Declan Vogel-Paul and Billy Hayman got second and third in the rookie male category.

Ole Christian Hagen winner of the Australian Rookie Fest 2012


In the next days the Black Yeti will move to Valle Nevado, Chile, for the third edition of the Mall Sport South America Rookie Fest. The event was previously scheduled from 14th to 19th of August but it has been postponed due heavy storms from 23rd to the 26th of August 2012. All the information about this upcoming event are available on or on

2012 Australian Rookie Fest Full Results

Rookie Boys

1 21 Ole Christian Hagen (NOR)

2 22 Declan Vogel-Paul (AUS)

3 25 Billy Hayman (AUS)

4 8 Rowan Coultas (GBR)

5 1 Joel Cantle (AUS)

6 7 Daniel Klein (AUS)

7 11 Harry Green (AUS)

8 23 Adam Lambert (AUS)

9 24 Lewis Courtier-Jones (GBR)

10 13 Angus Waddington (AUS)

11 4 Nicholas Masjuk (AUS)

12 20 Adam Dickson (AUS)

Rookie Boys

Rookie Girls

1 10 Madison Alexis (AUS)

2 28 Georgia Baff (AUS)

3 26 Laura Whitehead (AUS)

Biba Turnbull former winner rewards the Rookie Girls

Grom Boys

1 5 Joshua Vagne (AUS)

2 29 Matthew Cox (AUS)

3 18 Bodhi Kuwalia (AUS)

4 27 Luke Harvey (AUS)

5 2 Valentino Guseli (AUS)

6 16 Callum Masjuk (AUS)

7 15 Ashe Zephyr (AUS)

8 30 James Findlay (AUS)

Grom Boys

Grom Girls

1 3 Cassandra Fortune (AUS)

2 14 Zahra Kell (AUS)

3 6 Mahalah Mullins (AUS)

4 9 Georgia Crisp (AUS)

Grom girls

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