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WSD 2014: Saturday December 21


WSF proudly announces the official launch of the WSD together with Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV, SnowSports Industries
America (SIA), CorePower Asia, and the TTR World Snowboard Tour.

WSD 2014
The fall season has arrived, and for the hundreds of WSD organizers this means preparing a mind-blowing experience for the 9th edition of World Snowboard Day. As usual, this event brings together riders from across the globe – from beginners to experts – to kick off the season, and to celebrate snowboarding and its unique subculture.
Sunday, December 21, 2014, promises good times and snowboard-sliding fun. So get your gear ready because at resort near you, things are about to rock! As usual, you will find a whole host of activities during the WSD: contests, beginner snowboard lessons, gear tests, demos, meet-and-greets with pro,drinks, concerts, video contests, and much, much more.
The only goal will be to have an unbelievably GOODTIME! Enjoy activities for free, open to anyone and everyone, in order to discover the joys of sliding on snow,to share a common passion for snowboarding, and above all else to enjoy one outrageously excellent day!
In 2013, World Snowboard Day hosted 114 events in 30 countries around the world. Since the launch of this international event eight years ago, more than 100,000 people have been able to discover the joy of sliding on snow and to ride to the rhythm of WSD. After 8 highly successful editions, this event has become a must for everyone who lists snowboarding as their passion.

What’s new for 2014
– Communication: this year, our creative team is busy working on a Punk Rock theme. Powdy, our rowdy mascot, will be planted in a “Freak Show” décor, giving our promotional tools a punchy, off-beat feel.
The World Snowboard Day website [] is already online and organizers can already start planning their event.
– The Ambassador: this year once again, a new pro-rider will take over the reins from the charismatic Xavier de Le Rue. Patience is a virtue, and we will reveal the mystery-individual’s name all in good time!
– Stay tuned for sneak previews and updates on the latest WSD news. Follow us on social media and join us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest. Make note of the new hashtag [#snowboardday2014] to be an integral part of WSD the actual day of the event.

About WSD
Since 2006, World Snowboard Day has been a unique opportunity for the international snowboard community to promote the sport and its unique subculture by providing the general public with the opportunity to try a variety of activities for free. This event receives support from international organizations such as Outdoor Sports Valley(OSV) and World Snowboard Federation in Europe, SnowSports Industries America (SIA) in North America, CorePower Asia in Asia, and the TTR World Snowboard Tour.

Tel: +33 (0)4 50 67 53 91

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South America Winter Season Wrap Up


Another winter season is going off in the south hemisphere and the South American snowboard communities have been able to show again all the potential of this continent. Chilean, Brazilian and Argentinian snowboards crews done a handful of pretty cools events.

The season started in São Paulo city with an indoor slopestyle event realized by the Brazilian Snowboard Federation.


As past few years, Chile hosted the South America Rookie Fest in Valle Nevado ski resort and for the really first official time, Argentina included one rookie oriented event in the WSF program, organized in the nice snowpark area of Cerro Catedral ski resort, nearly Bariloche city.

Amongst the bizarre winter weather conditions that afflict especially the Argentinian season with continuous warm temperatures, has been possible to organize almost all the 4 stops of the National tour.

The first three stops went down in perfect conditions and touched ski resorts like Chapelco, Cerro Catedral and La Hoya, where the Brazilians done their 2014 tour final.


Unfortunately, due a very huge black-out in the district of Bariloche that hit the ski resort too, the Argentinian snowboard final suffered obviously contingencies and have forced the cancellation. Well, spring time is on and almost all ski resorts are close, or in the way to.

Well done to all that, keep it real!

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TTR Pro Snowboarding: the new tour structure

World Snowboard Tour RGB_Landscape_AW

We have come a long way since Barcelona and are closer now to a solution than we have ever been, but obviously we still have more ground to cover and we need to work closer with the stakeholders to uncover and dispel any insecurities or misconceptions.  Therefore the TTR Executive Board is forced to announce a transition phase for the 2014-2015 season. While we will implement many of the planned changes to the World Snowboard Tour structure already this season, the transition period will also give us more time to align the commercial interests of all stakeholders for the season 2015-2016.

TTR and IMG are fully convinced that World Snowboard Tour 2.0 is a concept worth fighting for, as we consider it the only way forward for the riders and the sport. Given the current state of the snowboard industry, the contest side of the sport needs a solid dose of global media and worldwide attention to help bring it back to a higher level in public awareness. World Snowboard Tour 2.0 is the right and only answer to this, as it builds on the idea of joining forces for the sake of the sport and all of its individual stakeholders.

The transition period will include:

•    Launch of the new 4-level-competition structure at the start of this season in the northern hemisphere with such important changes as tour rankings, entry criteria qualification for elite level events. These changes, which are in line with the interests of the riders, will mark a major improvement as the whole tour system will be more transparent and understandable for media, public and the riders.
•    Collaboration with the top events on more standardized event requirements and a more centralised TV product.
•    Continue to support and consult the Global Snowboarder Alliance, where the best riders have been organising themselves, on tour related issues.
•    During the transition, TTR will gather the key stakeholders (top events, IMG, riders) to re-confirm the vision and concept that was presented and agreed upon in Barcelona and to work through the hurdles. As such, we will be calling for an Elite event stakeholder meeting in the U.S. in the coming months.   We believe an in person meeting, with all stakeholders present at one table, offers the best opportunity to sort out remaining issues.
•    Implementation of a revised WST Rule Book.
•    China will more than ever move into our focus, with the planning for the World Championships of Snowboarding 2016 in Yabuli/China entering an important phase. A delegation will visit Yabuli in mid-October. With the Chinese bid for the Olympic Winter Games 2022 (after Oslo pulling out the chances for China to win the games are very high) and the rapid growth of winter sports in this huge country we are definitely at the right time at the right place.

We want to thank everyone who has dedicated their time, effort and resources in helping to develop the World Snowboard Tour this far and we look forward to even more progress in the future.


The third tour stop of Argentina Snowboard Tour 2014


On August the 20th, La Hoya ski resort hosted for the second time the Snow Travel South America Snowboard Challenge and some of the best south american riders, representing Argentina and Brazil, fight hard to win the podium and the prize money. In a sunny springful day, the top national Argies riders showed theirs skills in a perfect shaped slopestyle course. The event ranking was also part of the Brazilian tour as final stop for the caipirinha’s riders for this season.


More photos and infos (Spanish only) will be find at this links:


Snow Travel South America Snowboard Challenge

Final ranking



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Event Application for REGIONAL and NATIONAL Level

The Northern Hemisphere is about to kick off its season soon. We hereby provide you the necessary infos on how to get your events part of the World Snowboard Tour (WST) and its  international ranking systems.

WorldRookieTourFinal13_Ischgl_pic_raggieleonora_Bendik Gjerdalen_NOR

The WSF continues working together with TTR Pro Snowboarding, the owner of the World Snowboard Tour and World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPL). The WSF, as service provider, has been granted the exclusive and world-wide right to approve any events for the World Snowboard Tour on REGIONAL and NATIONAL level in collaboration with the TTR Tour Management. WSF works closely with the National Snowboard Association (NSAs) and the NSAs should play an active role in evaluating, coordinating and handling all events on these levels in the country. Please make sure that you get an overview of all events at the lower level in your country and make sure they are all registered as WSF-events.

World Snowboard Tour 2.0
During this year’s General Assembly in Barcelona, the TTR members decided that the World Snowboarding Tour will restructure both the tour and its ranking system. The restructuring process has been keeping us very busy this summer to ensure all details are awarded the proper attention. The proposed transition to the new structure and its ranking system is scheduled for Nov 1st, 2014. All events that took place this season (2014/15), including all events after the Burton US Open in Vail, will be included in the new tour structure when the transition is made. During the development stage of the new 4-Level event structure, we have been working closely with the Global Snowboarders Alliance (GSA) Board to ensure that the riders have an input and a voice pertaining to any improvements that they would like to see in the tour. Currently we are still in the middle of talks with the current 6-Star level event organizers and IMG regarding a “Pro Series”. The new ranking system will continue to utilize the World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPL) to determine seeding and rider competition eligibility.



Event requirements
All the requirements for the event levels can be found HERE.  Please study this form carefully; all event applications will be evaluated according to these requirements.

The WSF and the WST logos should be included in all promotional material for the event such as posters, banners, bibs, backdrop walls etc.

WSF Logos:
WST Logos:


Event Benefits
WSF is working generously in providing the nations and event organizers qualitative services for their REGIONAL and NATIONAL level events. The event benefit document gives a detailed overview about the profits you may get from your events by both: WSF as well as being part of the World Snowboard Tour.

National ranking and WSF Rookie Ranking
The national rankings as well as the World Rookie Ranking will from now on be integrated in the WSPL and the season ranking of the World Snowboard Tour.
WSF offers the separation of Grom (under 16) and Rookies (under 18). The ranking will be used as a qualification to the WSF World Rookie Tour Finals in Ischgl.
More information about how to prepare results for these rankings will be sent out soon.

WSF Event Ranking Fees
REGIONAL: 100 Euro
NATIONAL: 700 Euro
WSF is offering a discount for tours to the NSAs– please have a look at the EVENT REQUIREMENTS for more details.

Download HERE your event applications. Its’ easy: Just fill out the single columns with event information and send them to the WSF Event Coordinator.

You will all receive an invoice based on the number of events approved.  Results from events will not be uploaded until fee is paid successfully. Thank you for your understanding.
All information / applications to be sent to

Appoint a person responsible for all about ranking
It is absolutely necessary that you all appoint a person responsible for coordinating and operating all about ranking. This person must be responsible for
•    World Snowboard Tour Event applications WSF
•    All about result list for uploading to
•    Information about changes and cancellations of events
•    Communication with WSF and event organisers
•    Photos and reports to WSF press office to
Please inform about name and contact information as soon as this person is appointed!!!

WSF welcomes all nations to be part of the rankings and if you have questions, please let us know.



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WSF_logo_corpwhite - Copia

As every autumn, the WSF board will come together on a weekend for the WSF AUTUMN BoD MEETING.
WSF hereby invites delegates from the NSAs to join the open sessions for the National Snowboard Associations, where it will discuss plans for the winter and other topics, such as: grass root projects, development of national and regional events, etc.
More detailed info about the agenda and address of the meetings will be online in a couple of weeks.

If you wish to attend the meeting, please send a short note latest until 15.October 2014 to

Please feel free to contact us as well for questions, help with finding accommodation, topic suggestions, etc.,

The WSF BoD is looking forward to welcoming you in Innsbruck!

Sat, 15. November 2014 – Sun 16. November 2014
Innsbruck, Austria


Rip Curl Grom Winter Search 2014 – Cerro Catedral, Bariloche. Argentina



Here some more news from the Argentinian national snowboard tour happened in August.

For the second year, the traditional Rip Curl GROM WINTER SEARCH become part of World Snowboarding Tour in South America and it is considered as one of the most respected snowboard events for young riders in Argentina! Edition 2014 went down on Monday 18 in a sunny day with great snow, good dj set and choripán (hamburger…) at Terrain Park, the iconic Cerro Catedral’s snowpark. So after the South America Rookie Fest in Valle Nevado – Chile, also the famous Argentinian ski area near Bariloche city, start to became an important point for all the snowboarders under 18 based in this continent. More info, photos or details about the event (Spanish only), just follow this link –



Snowb Rookie
1° Luciano Villalba
2° Federico Chiaradío
3° Iñaki Odriozola
4° Leo Conforte

Snowb Damas
1° Delfina Leman
2° Chiara Massardi
3° Agustina Soler
4° Wanda Van Donselar

Grom Snowb
1° Agustín Catalán
2° Guido Lapena
3° Santiago Usaj
4° Fran Febus

Snowb Niños
1° Esteban Luengo
2° Lucas Gabriel Vallejos
3° Maximus Petrina
4° Santiago Figueroa

Snowb Niñas
1° Daniela Ribeiro






DC Slopestyle PRO in Cerro Chapelco, Argentina


Check out some news from the Argentinian national snowboard tour happened in August.

On August the 5th the Argentinian national snowboard stopped in Cerro Chapelco ski resort with the traditional DC Slopestyle PRO. With over 40 riders registered for the event, they showed the high-level in Argentina and all the best snowboarders in the country were ready for starting new season. Each rider had two runs to qualify for the top eight scores modality, than a KO system declared Matías Radaelli as the winner of DC Slopestyle PRO 2014 edition.
More photos and details (Spanish language only) here:


1. Matías Radaelli
2. Santiago Gamen
3. Manuel Domínguez
3. Matías Schmitt
5. Nicolás Fuentes
5. Manuel Albisu
5. Gastón Stoker
5. Nicolás Natalucci


Events Features

ALIVE and KICKING Rip Curl PRO 2014 – Argentina


Second tour stop of the Argentina Snowboard Tour 2014 went down on Saturday August 23th in Cerro Catedral, the famous ski center near Bariloche, Argentina.
Organized by an Event Agency owned by some great local riders, the classic ALIVE & KICKING Rip Curl PRO results as a true celebration of freestyle lifestyle!


With the best exponents of national Snowboard scene and many riders coming from Brazil, Spain and Canada,  the 6th edition of this traditional competition was dominated for the second time by one of Argentinian TOP riders: Santiago Gamen.

So now is just missing one last stop to crown the 2014 Argentinian Snowboard Champion! Stay tuned!



Photos and infos (Spanish ONLY) here:



Events Features World Rookie Tour

2014 Australia Rookie Fest


The 5th edition of the Australian Rookie Fest Down Under took place in Thredbo Resort, one of the top ski area in the Southern Hemisphere. Thredbo Super Park welcomed the best rookies and groms from Australia and New Zealand competing for Red Bull Stunt Plane Flights and tickets to the 2015 Volkl World Rookie Finals in Ischgl, Australia.


It was a very tight competition in the rookie male category with 16 year old Matty Cox taking out the title of the event with technical, smooth and stylish runs. Last year’s grom winner Josh Vagne impressed the judges and found himself in second, followed by Sam Christie from New Zealand in third.  Even if some of the rail set up were a bit daunting for the groms, Jack Christie landed a super smooth run and take the top place on the podium, with Alex Brookes in second and Kaleb Vagne in third. Among the girls Tess Coady showed solid spins and style on the jumps to take first place. Zahra Kell was the best girl on the rail section and get the second place, followed by Georgia Crisp in third.




The winners are looking forward to taking their Red Bull stunt plane flights and turning up to Ischgl next year to represent Australia at the 2015 Volkl World Rookie Finals.
Watch the video of the 2014 Australian Rookie Fest at

See the best pictures from the event on the official World Rookie Tour fan page:

2014 Australia Rookie Fest – Results
Rookie Males
Matty Cox
Josh Vagne
Samuel Christie
Sebastian Judge
Tom Harveyson
Luke Harvey
Campbell Najdecki-Devine
Mo Dinatale
Micholas Masjuk

Grom Males
Jack Christie
Alex Brookes
Kaleb Vagne
Callum Masjuk
Valentino Guseli
Campbell Oatley
Flynn Doolan
Zephyr Ashe
Thomas Krpan
Toby Peterson

Tess Coady
Zahra Kell
Georgia Crisp
Geneva Guy

The 2014 Australian Rookie Fest was possible thanx to Red Bull, Volkl, Adrenaline Boardstore, Monster Skate Park, Semantics and  Thredbo Resort. A special thanks also to Phillipe Lahey from Thredbo for all his help.
With the Australian event the Black Yeti completed his 2014 journey in the Southern Hemisphere. The 2014.15 World Rookie Tour calendar will be revealed soon and many special activities and news will be announced to celebrate the 10th edition of the most famouse youth snowboard searies.

2015 WRT events already confirmed:

– World Rookie Fest, Livigno, Italy, Slopestyle, 10-15 January 2015

– Trentino Rookie Fest, Monte Bondone, Italy, Halfpipe and Slopestyle,

– Volkl World Rookie Finals, 25 Feb – 1 March 2015