Autumn Work Out Plan for Girls

Marjanna Lappi and Anna Hollander from WSF Girls Committee developed this nice work out program to prepare your body to jump higher and ride more during winter time, keeping yourself on the game with less frustrating moments…

Snowboard Autumn Work Out plan by Anna Hollander and Marjaana Lappi

Do you sometimes wish you’d had more juice on your legs to go for a another smooth run over those white bedded bowls, or get that extra air for impressive trick on the pipe and land it smoothly, or just cruise down one more time? Surely you want to keep on riding the whole winter and getting that extra juice out of your body next winter?! Then follow this workout plan and get one meter (or two) higher airs next winter, and keep yourself on the game without those frustrating injuries…

You can follow this plan throughout the summer and fall months, adding more snowboard-related exercises, such as skateboard, trampoline or surf, and strength specific exercise bouts closer to the first snowfall. Start the summer with building the base for more intensive training during the fall, and focus more on endurance bouts, and having for example 1-3 strengths bouts a week. Everything depends on how much you are used to work out, but add first the amount and thereafter intensity, and you will kick some serious behinds next winter. You can also divide strength training exercises in two different days if you don’t have time to do whole body in one session.

Most of all- have fun and play with your friends! Working out is always a lot more giving when you are with friends!

Strength (3 sets 15 repetitions)

One legged squats
Combine with balance pillow or Bosu ball. This exercise challenges your balance as well as your core- and leg strength. Hold your arms in front of you for stability, or on your hips for more challenge.

From standing position, bring one leg forward, keeping your back straight, knee over your toes, press yourself back to standing position. Shift leg. You can alternate this easily with short or long steps forward, sideways or even backwards. Keep your eyes straight forward and knees ALWAYS over your toes, no sideways sliding here! You can also combine this with Bosu ball, but keep your eyes on the ball. This is a good way to challenge your balance, but be careful! Excellent for us with unstable knees.

“Finn” Ask your friend to keep your calfs firmly to the ground holding at your ankles, while you let your upper body slooooooowly fall down-remember, the point is for you to be in control, don’t let gravity to take over! Smooth out the impact in landing with your arms so you won’t smash your pretty face (is that the reason this is called a Finn??) Work hard with your hamstrings on the way up. Push slightly initially to get yourself moving upwards.

Hamstrings with Pilates ball
Lying on your back, legs on the top of the ball- pull ball towards you, keeping your torso up. Squeeeze your cheeeeeaks!

Dead lifts
This is for more experienced ladies, who know the technique. If you haven’t done this before, make sure someone who knows this technique is there to teach you. This is such a great exercise, but only if done correctly, so: Stand with feet slightly apart, bar on the ground in front of you. Grasp bar in an overhand grip, straighten your torso to vertical with your back fixed. Never round your back!!!! Keep the bar close to your legs when descenting. Exhale at the end (upper) and inhale at the beginning (lower part of the exercise)

Back to wall
Stand with your back against the wall and lower your butt until the knee angle is about 90 degrees. Stay in this position for as long as you can. This will burn on your thighs so much you’d rather do anything else but this, but hang in there!

Calf raises
Stand on a block with both/one leg, extent feet. Flex all the way through when going back to the initial position!

Narrow and wide push ups
Keep your core tight and lower your body slowly towards the floor, your breast barely touching it and push yourself up again.

Back raises (extensions) on a bench / floor
With your upper body flexed, extend your back. Roll your back up, do not raise it stiff up! Start the movement on your lower back and one vertebrae after another roll your back upwards until your back is 180 degrees (as when you’re standing) Get back to initial position slowly. Hands behind your head or at the chest. Hold some weights towards your chest for more challenge.

Abs in horizontal stabilisation
Lay on your stomach, hands under you. Think yourself as a log, stiff on your torso. Raise yourself, just leaning on your arms (bended or straight) and hold that position as long as you can. Breath normally and keep your eyes on the floor. Don’t let your lower back arch too much, keep it Straight!

Abs in horizontal stabilisation
In principle, this is the same exercise as above, but do it side ways, leaning to your right or left elbow. You can also make this more dynamic by lowering and raising your torso slowly.

Everyone knows this one, right? Keep your legs crossed under your for more stability. And by the way: NO cheating here!

You can also do chins easier, pulling yourself up holding on a weight bar, keeping your torso straight. Think of that log again!

Always start work out session with warm up at least 15 minutes of running, cycling etc. Finish your session with cooling down: jogging, cycling and stretching

Strength and Speed
Sprint for 40-50 meters 10 times, rest 1 minute and repeat 4-10 times.
Stairs: run up, run down, jump up stair by stair, jump up stair by stair with one leg
Picknick table: jump down from the table (this will work eccentrically with your muscles, and prepares you to landings). Rotate if you will J
Draw a cross on the ground and jump with both legs, one leg, backwards, forwards, sideways, use your imagination.

Skateboard/cycle/run/jump/swim/longboard/surf. Build up your basic condition during the summertime with any activity you enjoy. Do at least on endurance exercise a week in the start phase, adding volume before you go run your butt off on stairs all day…

Balance/coordination/orientation in space
Trampoline is an excellent way of practising your tricks, challenging your balance and orientation in space, as well as it is strengthening your core muscles. Always fix your core, find any spot to keep your eyes on, jump and practise different grabs, rotate 180, 360, 540, 720 etc. both ways, sit down, jump to your stomach, back, flips, etc.

Circus board

Circus board is such a good training for balance, and you can basically do it anywhere! Make it yourself or ask your sweet boyfriend to make you one from any available board and a thick roll. Good luck! Stick your favourite sticker on it and Voilá, it’s ready to rock!
Roll forward, backwards, keep your knees flexed, rotate 180 degrees, rotate board 180…

Have fun while you’re waiting for the big powpow to fall down the skies.

Author: mucca