Baumgartner and Huber Won the Austrian Master

Although some poor weather conditions took its toll on the park, riders were still able to showcase their freestyle skills at the final event of the N.ASA Austria Tour Cup finals: the Austrian Masters in Kuehtai. For the second year in a row, local Austrian riders Julia Baumgartner and Patrik Huber were able to blow by the competition and take the Titles 2008.

Stafan Machreich at the Austrian Master 2008

The weather conditions became unbearable by the end of the week, resulting in organizers canceling the final, taking just the qualifications into account. Julia Baumgartner impressed the judges with huge tricks at incredible heights: Baumgartner was crowned Austrian Master of Slopestyle 2008. Conny Bleicher form Germany finished 2nd in Kuehtai as Aline Bock, also from Germany, finished third.

Julia Baumgartner is the Austrian Master in slope style 2008

Patrik Huber who claimed the men’s Austrian Master Title of 2008, was going all out from the very beginning, securing a top spot in the qualifications that eventually resulted in his Title win. Lars Österle (GER) and Sani Alibabic (AUT) both displayed equally impressive technical tricks placing them both in second position.

Patrik Huber and Sani Alibabic at the prize giving

The second format of the Austrian Masters 08, the Halfpipe competition was at first postponed to Sunday due to Saturday’s strong winds and was then fully cancelled due to increasingly bad weather.

Official Ranks Autrian Masters 08 Slopestyle Kühtai

Rank-bibs-Surname-first name – nationality

1 13 Baumgartner Julia AUT
2 17 Bleicher Conny GER
3 16 Bock Aline GER
4 12 Gecek Sandy AUT
5 18 Sadlowski Diana POL
6 14 Schlereth Silvi GER
7 15 Unseld Silke GER
8 19 Sommerauer Nicole AUT/USA
8 20 Maike Haller GER

Rank-bibs-Surname-first name – nationality

1 100 Huber Patrik AUT
2 91 Oesterle Lars GER
2 95 Alibabic Sani AUT
4 110 Rudigier Samuel AUT
5 88 Kröll Rudi AUT
6 79 Fill Hubert AUT
7 86 Hörhager Thomas AUT
8 94 Breuer Michael AUT
9 90 Fankhauser Stefan AUT
10 93 Wanner Wolfgang AUT
11 80 Haslwanter Chris AUT
12 87 Machreich Stefan AUT
13 98 Baciu Christoph GER
14 101 Reutz Michael AUT
15 108 Trenkwalder Stefan AUT
16 103 Unterberger Jeremie AUT
17 81 Wetscher Benjamin AUT
18 84 Macho Michael AUT
19 77 Mösl Benjamin AUT
20 102 Perteneder Lukas AUT
21 99 Konzett Simon AUT
22 105 Ahm Robert AUT
23 109 Bernhard Marcus AUT
24 74 Juhana Pirnes FIN
24 76 Mikko Lääkkö FIN
26 78 Öfner Michael AUT
27 75 Janne Lääkkö FIN
28 83 Scharmer Roland AUT
29 96 Dreher Paul AUT
30 85 Tilg Patrick AUT
dns 92 Wolle Beer AUT
dns 82 Mauser Flo AUT
dns 89 Bernert Manuel AUT
dns 73 Petri Posti FIN

Rank-bibs-Surname-first name – nationality
1 107 Krainer Adrian AUT
2 106 Weissenbacher Mathias AUT
3 104 Ellensohn Lukas AUT

Author: mucca