A bright future for snowboard is awaiting!

The results of years of work and the three intense days of joint sessions between WSF and TTR will lead to a unique, powerful joint organisation. The new organization will represent all snowboarding stakeholders, finally coming together to shape a bright future for snowboarding.

Working Groups and their leaders where appointed by the joint TTR and WSF Board of Directors and the updates and progresses in the merge will be sent out to all nations, riders and event representatives.

‘I am very happy that this merger has been agreed upon. Both organisations have been working towards this common goal for many years. We at the WSF organise stimulating and fun activities that grow and develop snowboarding in the true spirit of the sport. Combine that with the vast history of all of the sports greatest events that have grown alongside TTR Pro Snowboarding makes the new organisation very powerful` says Meinhard Trojer, World Snowboard Federation President.

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Committee report

Within 2016.17, WSF functioned as service provider for event applications and rankings of Regional and National World Snowboard Tour events, with 66 Regional Events and 70 National Events, for a total of 136 events in 17 different nations around the globe. Looking at the largest and only youth snowboard series in the world, the World Rookie Tour: more than 1000 Rookies and Groms out of 31 nations participated in 12 stops. Another emerging project is the Banked Slalom: with a very easy concept, it was able to get 19 events on board in 6 Nations.

Thomas Wagner from IJC, presented and showed the work done during judge clinics and presented the dates of the next one: in Sofia, Bulgaria from 22nd-24th September 2017 and in Park City, USA in October, from 13th-15th.

The education committee was involved in different areas, from the WSF Pro Women Project (two events, Finland and Nepal), production of, publishing and presenting scientific articles and organizing clinics during World Rookie Tour Stops.

Finally, an overview of the media activities from WSF was provided, showing results and reports from the season of the website, Facebook page, twitter, newsletter, press releases and internal communication.

More info: anna@worldsnowboardfederation.org

Author: Elisa