British SnowTour Sets the Pace at Glasgow SNO!zone!

Results of Trespass British Snowboardcross and Rail Jam. On Saturday 26th September over 200 competitors and spectators descended upon Glasgow SNO!zone for the hotly contested Trespass British Snowboardcross Championships and Rail Jam. Competition was fierce as riders went head-to-head in the four-way races, with some spectacular wipe-outs along the way.

Over at the Trespass Learner Academy 100 beginners inspired by the high-speed action took advantage of the FREE lessons that were up for grabs.

Trespass British Snowboardcross Championships
The Trespass Snowboardcross Championships started the day’s action with over 65 riders going through the start gates in heats of four with the top two qualifying into the next round, until only the fastest four male and female competitors were remaining. In the women’s final Jules Chappell was first out of the start gates and continued her lead down the fast and challenging course to take the 2009 Trespass British Snowboardcross Championship title. Local rider, Christy Mearns looked set to take the silver but unfortunately skidded out on the step-up jump leaving Alice Blake to skilfully overtake and finish in second place with Christy finishing in third.

In the men’s final, all four riders charged out of the start gates in a tight pack with elbows out and boards touching. At the third banked turn things got a little too close for comfort and all four riders collided and crashed out. Kyle Wise who was first to his feet and first over the finish line had missed a gate and was unfortunately disqualified, leaving 2008 Snowboardcross Champ, Edward Castle-Henry to continue down the course and take the 2009 Trespass British Snowboardcross Championship title for the second year in a row. Donnie Macleod was the next rider to his feet and to cross the finish line in second place, whilst Team GB Snowboardcross racer, Tim McGregor, who had the fastest qualification run of the day finished in third.

Trespass Snowboard Rail Jam
During the afternoon’s rail jam, riders flexed their freestyle boards and finished off the day’s action in style. In the kids jam local ripper Mat McCormick impressed all to take the kids title with a smooth boardslide to switch-up, to fakie on the kinked rail. The ladies also stepped it up, with Jules Chappell adding another win to her collection with a frontside boardslide on the flat down rail.

In the men’s jam, Angus Mallock was mixing it up on the rails with a backside lipslide on the down rail and a super clean 50-50, frontside boardslide to 270 out on the kinked rail to take first place. A spot prize and special shout out from MC, James Thorne went to Edward Castle-Henry who aired the quarterpipe in the jam session with one of the biggest laid out back flips, to flat, ever seen!

Trespass British Snowboardcross Championship Results:
1st – Edward Castle-Henry – Hertfordshire
2nd – Donnie Macleod – Glasgow
3rd – Tim McGregor – Glasgow

1st – Jules Chappell – Milton Keynes
2nd – Alice Blake – Hertfordshire
3rd – Christy Mearns – Glasgow

Trespass Snowboard Rail Jam Results:
1st – Angus Malloch – Perthshire
2nd – Danny McCormick – Glasgow
3rd – Jesse Smith – Edinburgh

1st – Jules Chappell – Milton Keynes
2nd – Alice Blake – Hertfordshire
3rd – Riona Peterson, Dunbartonshire

1st – Mat McCormick – Glasgow
2nd – Jacob Robertson – Glasgow
3rd – Sam McGrath – Renfrew

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