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Hybrid Banked Slalom in Sinaia Cota Romania April 15th

The founder of EVO Sport Romania, Cristian Piciorea is organizing a hybrid banked slalom in Sinaia Cota, Romania April 15th. This event is is for both able-bodied and adaptive athletes and is guaranteed to be fun for everyone.

“We want to organize this end-of-season competition for all the snowboarders in Romania. When I say all, I say both able-bodied snowboarders and snowboarders with a physical impairment. Both able-bodied people and people with disabilities can achieve sport performance, therefore we apply this new hybrid format. This is the first competition of its kind in our country, and we are organizing it at Sinaia.

The maximum number of participants is 40, and there are already 20 people that registered, including 4 adaptive snowboarders. We have to limit the registration to 40 because that is the limit imposed by the time registry system (and we want to use the time system to ensure a fair and transparent competition). For this, we collaborate with Bibchip România, who will keep the time results by using individual NFC chips carried by each competitor.

Among the participants we have Mihăiță PAPARĂ (who represented Romania at the 2018 and 2022 Winter Paralympic Games), Toma MORȚILĂ (Alpine Snowboard multiple international champion), and numerous other top-level athletes, coaches, experienced local snowboard instructors and snowboard lovers.

We are pleasantly surprised to see that there is a big interest in the Under 18 category, which means that competition for this segment is in high demand and has enormous potential for performance and growth. “

Competition Schedule and Regulation


Place – Sinaia, Firul Văii Dorului (in front of Apesski Panoramic)

  • Cable transport – from 09.00
  • Competitors at start – 10.00
  • Course inspection – 10.15 / 10.30
  • Competitors at start – 10.45
  • Forerunner at start – 10.50
  • Training run( 1 run / competitor) – 11.00 / 11.35


o          Banked Slalom Competition Start
o          Forerunner start – 11.50
o          Competition start ( 1 timed run/competitor) – 12.00
o          Start interval- 2 min between competitors

Prizegiving ceremony – 14.00 at Apresski Panoramic


All competitors are required to obtain their assigned competition number – race bib (access to the route is prohibited without the competition number);

The competition has 5 categories of participants:

  1. Pro – athletes, former athletes, coaches, instructors (both men and ladies, regardless of age);
  2. Open Men – intermediate and advanced;
  3. Open Ladies – intermediate and advanced;
  4. U18 – boys and girls, under the age of 18;
  5. Para snowboard – people with disabilities (the organizer may decide on a case-by-case analysis);

All competitors are required to wear a helmet and column protection. Without these, the competitor is not allowed to start.

Only those who have registered until 13.04.2022 can start.

The format of the Banked Slalom competition consists of a snowboard race on a slope, in a course with turns, jumps and banked turns. The competitors must limit themselves to their individual sports skills, without endangering their lives or the lived of others;

All competitors must pass over the gates that are set in each turn. If a competitor cannot pass over these gates or if he/she avoids them (deliberately or unintentionally), that competitor is disqualified.

The time of each competitor is measured, and introduced into a table, according to each category. The shortest time wins and there will be a ranking (from the first to the last time obtained). Timing will be closely monitored by Bibchip Romania, each competitor will have an NFC chip. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each category are awarded. In addition, there will be a prize for the best time overall.

The prizes are in the form of FunRide winter equipment vouchers

1st place – 400 lei, 2nd place – 200 lei, 3rd place – 100 lei, Best time – 1000 lei. The total value of the prizes is 4,500 lei

The maximum number of competitors is 40.

The appeals are submitted in writing after the competition (no later than 12 hours after the competition ended) at email and will be analyzed within 10 days.

Banked Slalom Events News Para-Snowboarding upcoming events

Metts Banked Slalom

The banked slalom track will be one of its kind, sour legs at the end of every run guaranteed and the BEST beard in snowboard competition will make Santa Claus jealous. Everybody can win at the beard comp…just be creative! The bankes wil be build for a World Cup para-snowboarding event and we’ll use the same course!

Location: Snowworld, Netherlands – Witte Wereld 1, 6372 VG Landgraaf


  • Girls and boys till 16
  • Ladies and gents 16 till 25
  • Women and men Seniors 25+

Costs: €20,-

Thanks to all our sponsors: Holmenkol, Rise & Shine Gear, Flow, Nidecker, Spy and JONES!



Instagram: coachmetts_ned


CADS Festival Celebrates Adaptive Snowboarding

Dozens of adaptive snowboarders and skiers recently came together for the CADS Festival at Sun Peaks, BC!

The 5-day event focused on specialized on-snow instruction and coaching, while equally serving as a platform for participants to meet other members of the adaptive snowsports community. Activities also included a chance to ride with members of the Canada Snowboard (CS) Para-snowboard team.

“I think the CADS Festival is hugely important in order to connect Canada Snowboard with athletes, primarily because it gathers so many para disciplines in one place,” said CS NextGen Para Team member Dan Shoemaker. “The CS Para Program is still fairly new, and the CADS Festival helps us raise awareness of it and recruit potential new individuals to be part of our programs.”

Previous editions of the CADS Festival had focused only on skiing, with modules and instruction for sit-skiing, 3 and 4 track skiing, and skiing for athletes with cognitive impairments. Christian Hrab, Executive Director of Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS), commented on how the recent inclusion of snowboarding represents an important addition to the CADS Festival.

“The adaptive snowsports family is now complete,” said Hrab. “Coaches and instructors connected to talk shop, and participants had a chance to exchange experiences. The CS Para Team athletes were gracious with their time and guidance to all festival participants. Everyone, including skiers, sit skiers and snowboarders, enjoyed the perfect snowcross track built perfectly built by Sun Peaks Resort.”

Special thanks to Carole Stubins for capturing the best moments of this year’s CADS Festival.

To learn more about the Canada Snowboard Para-snowboard Program, please visit

photo: Eric Escaravage


Para-Snowboard World Cup at 2017 Audi quattro Winter Games NZ

The return of para snowboarding to the 2017 Audi quattro Winter Games NZ, with the inclusion of a World Cup Banked Slalom at Treble Cone near Wanaka for the first time, is being hailed by elite New Zealand Paralympian Carl Murphy as a coup for the sport.

Para snowboarding was last held at the 2011 Games but following the closure of Snow Park NZ the sport has been off the calendar.

In 2011 we ran a World Cup boarder cross and had intended to again in 2013 but when the Snow Park was no longer available we were unable stage  it,” said Winter Games NZ Sports Manager Iona Bentley. “It is fantastic that Treble Cone has stepped up to hold the 2017 event and exciting for the Games to be able to spread the sports programme across the major venues in the region.

Treble Cone General Manager Marketing & Sales Sophie Luther said the Para-Snowboard World Cup was a logical extension of the popular annual Treble Cone Banked Slalom.

We were looking to build on that event and at the same time were very keen to be involved with Winter Games NZ which is recognised as the premier snow sports event in the Southern Hemisphere. It seemed a perfect fit and by hosting the World Cup we can provide both New Zealand and international para athletes with the chance to train at Treble Cone and compete in a world-class event.”

She said Treble Cone strongly supported top Wanaka based para athlete Carl Murphy and the World Cup Banked Slalom was another important opportunity for him to qualify for the 2018 Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang in South Korea. “He is an outstanding local athlete and we are committed to assisting him where possible with his Olympic goals.

Murphy said that with the growing popularity of snowboarding on the Paralympic schedule “it is awesome to see Winter Games NZ host a World Cup on my doorstep in 2017”.

For me to be able to race a World Cup at home is very exciting. Lining up against the best para snowboarders with Wanaka in the background will be pretty motivating and I will have a slight advantage by not having to travel long distances to compete. Knowing the Treble Cone terrain so well also has its upside.

Murphy, who has made a convincing return to international competition after a break from injury, expects a strong field of international riders to attend the Games being only six months out from the 2018 Paralympics.

X Games Aspen 2015 - January 22, 2015The Treble Cone event will be a key qualifier for many riders and also signals the first races of the 2017/2018 season when everyone is looking for a solid start to the season ahead.

The addition of the Para-Snowboard World Cup Banked Slalom to the Audi quattro Winter Games NZ calendar will provide yet another opportunity to showcase Wanaka and its attractions, according to Lake Wanaka Tourism General Manager James Helmore.

Treble Cone is recognised as a great skiing and riding mountain with stunning panoramic views over Lake Wanaka and it is great to see it become part of the Winter Games NZ programme. The elite para snowboarding event will bring even more people to the town during the Games putting the spotlight further on Wanaka as a leading international winter destination.

About Audi quattro Winter Games NZ:
Internationally regarded as one of the world’s top snow sports events the Audi quattro Winter Games NZ take place in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. The Games, which will next be held from August 25 until September 10 2017, attract the world’s elite winter sports athletes including multiple Winter Olympic, Paralympic and X Games medallists and world champions in freeskiing, snowboarding, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and curling. It has also positioned New Zealand at the forefront of competitive winter sports development, playing an instrumental part in the decision to include freeskiing at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. For more information visit

For further media information:

Arthur Klap – CEO, Audi quattro Winter Games NZ
E:  M: +64 (0)21 895937


WSF and IPC Continue Their Cooperation Agreement

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the World Snowboard Federation (WSF) recently met to discuss the future of Para-Snowboard.

In July 2010 the IPC and the WSF signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding a working cooperation agreement towards the development of Para-Snowboard. Following the recent inclusion of Para-Snowboard in the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, the IPC and the WSF agreed upon the following points for the future of the sport:

  • The IPC will govern the sport until 2014 with support and an open communication platform with the WSF.
  • Following the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games there will be an evaluation regarding the options for the future of the sport of Para-Snowboard.
  • The WSF will continue to develop the Para-Snowboard business plan as part of their application for the inclusion in the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games program.
  • The WSF Board of Directors and leadership will continue to make the development of Para-Snowboard a priority within their strategic planning.

Updates on the progress and the development of Para-Snowboard and the cooperation between the IPC and WSF will be provided regularly.

About the World Snowboard Federation

The World Snowboard Federation (WSF) is the international organization exclusively working to develop the sport of snowboarding at all levels. Program areas include: competitions, Para-Snowboard, judge and shapers, education and certification, and snowboard activities for riders of every age. The WSF represents a network of National Snowboard Associations (NSAs) who work together at a worldwide level to promote the development of snowboarding. NSA members can find a source of inspiration and support from the WSF for the activities they are conducting within their nation and by working towards the same goal: progression of snowboarding from the ground up. The WSF collaborates with the TTR Pro Snowboarding, the owner and operator of the TTR World Snowboard Tour and the TTR World Ranking System. Through this collaboration and coordination of events at the TTR World Snowboard Tour, The WSF and the TTR want to create an environment that fosters the development of competitive snowboarding. In February 2012, the WSF and the TTR hosted the inaugural World Snowboarding Championships in Oslo, Norway, an elite level event to be held every four years in alternating cities around the world. Official website:

About the International Paralympic Committee

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is the global governing body of the Paralympic Movement. The IPC organizes the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games, and serves as the International Federation for nine sports, for which it supervises and co-ordinates the World Championships and other competitions. The IPC is committed to enabling Paralympic athletes to achieve sporting excellence and to developing sport opportunities for all persons with a disability from the beginner to elite level. In addition, the IPC aims to promote the Paralympic values, which include courage, determination, inspiration and equality.

For more information, please contact

World Snowboard Federation

Danny Buntain, Para-Snowboard Representative

International Paralympic Committee

Dimitrije Lazarovski, Winter Sports Manager


WSF Para-Snowboard Sport Technical Committee

The World Snowboard Federation (WSF) is in the process of appointing positions for members of the WSF Para-Snowboard Sport Technical Committee (STC) for the 2012/2013 season.

We are hereby inviting you to recommend candidates that have the required expertise for the below mentioned positions. We are asking you to submit names no later than 15 May 2012 on the candidate form and also submit CVs of the candidates and any other relevant information needed to evaluate the candidate.

Currently the following positions are vacant:

Head of Technical Control and Officiating

Head of Competition – Rest of the World (non-Europe)

Please download here the attachment to know more about it.

Any appointments will be made in consultation between the WSF Board of Directors and the WSF Para-Snowboard STC, and following careful evaluation of all suitable
For more information please do not hesitate to contact Danny Buntain, WSF Para-Snowboard STC Chairperson, at


Para-Snowboard included in Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announced that two medal events in Para-Snowboard will be included in Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. This brings the total number of medal events to 72 at the Sochi 2014 Games, and the first time that Para-Snowboard events will be included in the Paralympic programme. Originally called Adaptive Snowboard, the sport is practiced worldwide by hundreds of athletes

Gunnar Tveit, World Snowboard Federation (WSF) President, said: “The WSF are thrilled by the decision to include Para-Snowboard in the Paralympic programme of the Sochi 2014 Winter Games. Together with the IPC, the WSF National Snowboard Associations, and riders, we have been working towards this goal for the last six years. Knowing that the riders will have the chance to compete in the sport they love in 2014 is rewarding not only because the athletes will be recognized for their hard work but also because the inclusion of Para-Snowboard in the Sochi 2014 Winter Games will provide an unprecedented level of exposure to the sport.”

Xavier Gonzalez, the IPC’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Snowboarding is a fast paced and extremely exciting sport and we are delighted that it will form part of the Alpine Skiing programme at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. I would like to thank Sochi 2014, NPC Russia, Russian Government, the World Snowboard Federation and the IPC Athletes’ Council for all supporting the inclusion of these two extra medal events. It is important for the growth of the winter Games that there are more sports and more medal events to contest. I am particularly looking forward to see how athletes perform in this exciting new discipline and believe it will prove extremely popular with spectators and TV viewers alike.”

Dmitry Chernyshenko, President of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, said: “Snowboarding is a young and exciting sport and one which is attracting new audiences and participants everywhere. Its inclusion in the Paralympics programme will give a further boost to the promotion of Paralympic sports across Russia and highlights the opportunities that sport provides to everyone. It also reflects our determination to deliver the most innovative and successful Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in history.”

In February this year, Orcières 1850, France hosted a two-day World Championships featuring 40 Para-Snowboarders from 10 countries.

Gold in the men’s standing class was taken by the USA’s Evan Strong who finished ahead of New Zealand’s Carl Murphy and fellow American Mike Shea. The women’s gold was won by Bibian Mentel of the Netherlands, whilst silver and bronze went to USA’s Amy Purdy and Italy’s Sara Dorigatti respectively.
February’s event also included the sitting category for the first time, which is contested by riders with physical impairment such as paraplegia and bilateral lower extremity amputation.

The Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games will take place between 7-16 March 2014. Para-Snowboard will be included in the Alpine Skiing programme which also includes Downhill, Super G, Super Combined, Giant Slalom and Slalom events. Nordic Skiing will see a number of Biathlon and Cross Country events contested whilst other medal events will take place in Ice Sledge Hockey and Wheelchair Curling.

The qualification criteria for the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games will be published on Monday 28 May 2012.

Vancouver, Canada staged the last Paralympic Winter Games in 2010. The event featured 502 athletes from 44 countries who contested 64 medals. Germany topped the medals table winning 13 golds.

For further information

About Sochi 2014
please visit

About IPC 
please visit 
or contact Craig Spence, IPC Director of Media and Communications: or call +49-228-2097-230.

About WSF Para-Snowboard, 
please visit 
or conctact 
Marco Sampaoli, WSF Press and Media Operations on e-mail: or call +39-340-3285569

Danny Buntain, WSF Para-Snowboard Chairperson on e-mail: or call +44-787-9336623.


Grand Finale WSF Para-Snowboard World Cups in Nakiska, Canada

Canada~Snowboard in collaboration with the World Snowboard Federation (WSF) hosted the Para-Snowboard World Cups 2012 Grand Finale this week in Alberta, Canada. In the standing men and women categories, Bibian Mentel (NED) and Evan Strong (USA) took home each two (2) World Cup titles and grabbed the overall Champion titles for the WSF Para-SBX 2011-2012 season.

In the sitting category, Sam Danniels (CAN) also took home double golds across both World Cups, however, Ravi Drugan (USA) was crowned the overall sit-skisnowboard Champion for the WSF Para-SBX 2011-2012 season. Wesley Sebold (USA) won the visually impaired category both days.

All the winning riders praised the Canadian snowboarder cross course as one of the top courses of this season. Credit was given particularly to the technical features, the fast pace and steep pitches. “This course was actually more difficult than the x-games course as it was one of the steepest courses I have ever been in” commented Strong after the race, ” this is a course that pushes the sport to a new level and it is cool to see that we look and ride like boardercross racers”.

The WSF Para-Snowboard World Cups were successfully integrated into the Canadian Snowboard (able-body) Nationals with the Para-Snowboarders ripping down the same course as all the other athletes. “Although the course was really challenging it was great to see the para athletes tackling the features as well as the able-bodied riders” said Mentel after the race. ” I am already looking forward to next season as this season has shown such a progression in all of the Para-Snowboard categories”.

WSF Para-Snowboard World Cup Results

Standing Women – World Cup #1:
1st Bibian Mentel (NED); 2nd Sara Dorigatti (ITA);
3rd Megan Harmon (USA)

Standing Women – World Cup #2:

1st Bibian Mentel (NED);
2nd Sara Dorigatti (ITA);
3rd Megan Harmon (USA)

Standing Men World Cup #1:
1st Evan Strong (USA); 2nd Mike Shea (USA);
3rd Tyler Mosher (CAN)

Standing Men – World Cup #2:
1st Evan Strong (USA)
2nd Mike Shea (USA)
3rd Keith Gable (USA)

Sitting Men – World Cup #1:
1st Sam Danniels (CAN);
2nd Ravi Drugan (USA);
3rd Kurt Oatway (CAN)

Sitting Men – World Cup #2:
1st Sam Danniels (CAN);
2nd Kurt Oatway (CAN);
3rd Ravi Drugan (USA)

Visually impaired Men – Day 1:

1st Wesley Seybold (USA);
2nd Matteo Coterno (ITA)

Visually impaired Men – Day 2:
1st Wesley Seybold (USA)
2nd Matteo Coterno (ITA)


Italian Open Para-Snowboard Championships

Patrice Barattero rode the best time at the Italian Open Para-Snowboard Championships while Giuseppe Comunale was crowned the Italian Champion of 2012.

Although this was the second year the Italian Snowboard Federation organized a Para-Snowboard Championship, it was the first year they had an open competition for international riders. French rider, Patrice Barettero won with the overall best time with Giuseppe Comunale winning the title of Italian Para-Snowboard Champion.

Last years championship winner, Roberto Cavicchi (ITA), finished his runs just seconds behind Comunale awarding him third overall.

Warm weather created difficult snow conditions but with the course crew working around the clock to create a smooth and flawless course, the riders tackled the conditions well and took in all the speed they could.

All in all, riders from four (4) different nations competed at Bellamonte-Alpe Lusia, both the standing and visually impaired classes were represented.

Standing – Men
1. Patrice Barattero (FRA)
2. Giuseppe Comunale (ITA)
3. Roberto Cavicchi (ITA)
4. David Preziosi (ITA)
5. Denis Colle (BEL)
6. Marco Antonioli (ITA)
7. Francesco Negri (ITA)
8. Peter Rolinec (SVK)
9. Nicola Dei Vecchi (ITA)
10. Marek Hiavina (SVK)

Standing – Women
1. Sara Dorigatti(ITA)

Visually Impaired – Men
1. Matteo Conterno(ITA)
2. Alessandro Bordini(ITA)


WSF Para-Snowboard World Cups

WSF and Canada~Snowboard are excited to welcome riders from around the world to the 2012 WSF Para-Snowboard World Cups at Nakiska, Alberta from April 1 – 3, 2012.

The WSF Para~Snowboard World Cups will run in conjunction with the Canadian Speed Nationals and the FIS NorAm Finals in the spectacular Kananaskis Country, 50min from Calgary, Canada. 

The WSF Para~Snowboard World Cups is open to riders in the Standing, Sit-Ski/Snowboard and Visually Impaired (as a Demonstration Event) categories. WSF Classification will also be offered on March 31st.

Please note that all riders must have an active WSF Para-Snowboard Race License and must be classified by a WSF Classification panel to be eligible to compete.

Riders can register online through Canada~Snowboard website’s here: The deadline to register for the Event is March 15 2012.

For more information on the event please see the Event Guide or visit Canada~Snowboard’s website –
Canada~Snowboard would like to thank all of their sponsors for the great prizes they have up for grabs for the top three competitors and many door prizes!

The WSF Para-Snowboard overall winners will also be announced here at the final stop of the world cup tour.

Download here the event guide

More informations:


Danny Buntain

Chairperson Para-Snowboard Sport Technical Committee