Adaptive Snowboard: Tv Show, Camps & Events

Few weeks before the first ever WSF Adaptive World Cup here is ready an update on adaptive project supported by WSF: the TV special from Canadian Snowboard Adaptive Program, the upcoming Adaptive Camps at Windells by Adaptive Action Sport and the first ever Adaptive World Snowboarding Championship in USA. We strongly raccomand to to promote and distribute the following info.

Canadian Adaptive Snowboard Program TV Show
Dowload the TV Special about the Canadian Adaptive Snowboard Program in the video section of this web site.

Upcoming Adaptive Events:

WSF Adaptive Snowboard World Cup
Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia Canada, March 14, 2008

The Canadian Snowboard Federation and the World Snowboard Federation are pleased to announce the first ever Adaptive Snowboard World Cup will be held in Whistler, BC on March 14, 2008. The competition will be run in a Snowboard Cross time trials format, with inspection, training, and two time trial runs. Prizes will be awarded to the top three women and men in their disability class. Adaptive Snowboarding athletes from Canada, USA, Europe, and New Zealand are expected to compete for a spot on the podium. The World Cup is part of the second International Summit in Adaptive Snowboarding, hosted by the Canadian Adaptive Snowboard Program.
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Nicole Roundy hit the box at Windells Camp 2007

Adaptive Snowboard Camp at Windells
February 16 – 22, 2008, Windells, USA
Adaptive Action Sports (AAS) the leader in “adaptive” action sports is proud to announce the winter session of our biannual freestyle ski and snowboard camp the AAS Freestyle Session at Windells.
Windells, the official camp of the US snowboard team and AAS have joined forces to bring you, the adaptive shredder, an extraordinary opportunity to ride with the pros and sharpen you skills.

General Information
Host Organization Name: Adaptive Action Sports
Event Name: AAS Freestyle Session at Windells Camp
Type of Event: Snowboard/Ski Freestyle Progression Camp
Event Price:


WSF Adaptive World Cup and Adaptive Events 2008

WSF and Canadian Snowboard Federation announce the first ever adaptive snowboarding World Cup in Whistler, BC and a full international adaptive snowboarding activities calendar including training camps, competitions and information seminars taking place this season around the World, culminating in the first Adaptive Snowboard World Championship in USA.

Whistler Blackcomb, Whistler, B.C., CAN
March 14, 2008

The World Snowboard Federation and the Canadian Snowboard Federation are hosting the first ever adaptive snowboarding World Cup in Whistler, BC on March 14, 2008 during the CASP International Summit. Competition format includes a single person snowboardcross race with inspection, training and 2 time trial runs. Prizes will be awarded to the top three women and men. Adaptive Snowboarding athletes from Canada and from around the world are invited to compete. Please see the following Race Notice for details.

For more information please visit the CSF’s website at or contact Danny Buntain, Sport Development Coordinator at the CSF, by email at or by phone 604-714-2236.

WSF Adaptive World Cup 2008 – Event Notice

CASP Summit 2008 – Event Notice

Ian Lockey and Tyler Mosher competing at last Adaptive PSL Competition in Canada

The World Snowboard Federation defines adaptive snowboarding as a modified version of the sport of snowboarding, with changes in equipment, rules, and technical specifications that enable persons with physical disabilities to participate in both recreational and competitive activities.

If there are any adaptive snowboarding activities that will be taking place this season that are not included on the calendar, please contact Danny Buntain by email at to have them added.

Download the Adaptive Event Calendar here

Gianpaolo Galli, adaptive rider from Italy (courtesy by


Adaptive Projects: Summer 07 Updates

Follows some fresh news about adaptive projects in North America. The Canadian Snowboard Federation (CSF) forwarded us an interesting summary about last season’s adaptive projects. In the next days the Adaptive Action Sports Freestyle Session will take place in Windells.

The Canadian Snowboard Federation (CSF) sent us the following press release with a super interesting document about some of their adaptive activities in the past season. We strongly recommend you dedicate sometime to read the press release and download the document: you will be inspired to act.

Official Press Release from CSF
As the season has come to an end, the CSF wants to thank everyone for the incredible season we had with the Canadian Adaptive Snowboard Program (CASP). With the great success we had with the CASP National Summit and the three other clinics that were run across the country we are all looking forward to seeing our sport grow over the seasons to come.

To complete the first year of CASP and to continue with the development of the sport, a summary report of the Sport Building Information seminar has been created and you can download it Here. Topics covered in the document include:
Best practices
Recreation and competitive adaptive snowboarding
Communication strategies
Designing adaptive snowboarding activities

If you have any questions or comments regarding the SBTF report please feel free to contact Danny Buntain Your suggestions and/or comments are greatly appreciated in the development of CASP.

Please keep checking our website for updates on the 2007/08 CASP season:

Adaptive shredder attack a box in Windells during the freestyle session 2006

Adaptive Action Sports Freestyle Session at Windells Summer 2007
Adaptive Action Sports is proud to announce an amazing chance to snowboard in summertime: AAS Freestyle Session at Windells is on August 5 – 11, 2007. Windells Camp and AAS have joined forces to bring you, the adaptive athlete, a unique opportunity to ride with and learn from the pros on the glacier at Mt. Hood, Oregon.

AAS and Windells are catering an event unlike anything the adaptive snow community has ever seen. For you, the adaptive athlete, all of the above named amenities will be included with an “adaptive” twist.

Seeing as though each camper has a unique disability; their training will be equally as personal. If you are a hot-shot rider who can already throw down a Misty-Quadroflex-Son of Lee- I Steal Your Kneecaps- JollyRancher, we will place you with a coach who can show you how to tweak it out a little more. Or if you are a decent carver who is peering over the rim of the Halfpipe for the first time, we will teach you the method to ride it like a ninja.

Our goal is to up your level of riding to a higher standard and to make your experience a positive one. During the winter session last February, all of our campers walked away with a boardslide and a fistful of new tricks. We throw down! By the way, Shane Stallin is coaching again!!!!

For info and inscriptions:
home page:


WSF Adaptive Snowboard Projects

WSF searched for Adaptive Snowboard Association in the last month and founded some important contacts with Canadian Snowboard Federation, Adaptive Action Sport (Based in USA) and several adaptive riders in Europe. Follow a short presentation of what’s going on in the snowboard adaptive field.

Canadian Snowboard Federation web site provide several interesting info about adaptive snowboard projects like the following introduction:

What is adaptive snowboarding?
Adaptive Snowboarding refers to a modified version of the sport, with changes in equipment, rules, and technical specifications that enable persons with physical disabilities to participate in both recreational and competitive activities. Snowboarders who have become disabled and others who live with a disability want to be a part of the sport, recreation, and lifestyle that is snowboarding.
The Canadian Snowboard Federation recognizes this interest and, as the national governing body for the sport of snowboarding, is working to address it.
The CSF is in the process of developing a comprehensive adaptive snowboarding program, which will be formally introduced for the 2007/08 program year. Some test activities are occurring this season. Adaptive Snowboarding is not yet confirmed for the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games in Whistler.
Here you can download the CSF brochure for adaptive programs while for detailed info about canadian adaptive activities visit or contact Danny Buntain

On you can find many information about Adaptive Action Sports Organization. A USA based non profit organization that “creates and promotes opportunities for individuals with permanent physical disabilities to participate in “action sports” and or the art and music scene that follows them. We do this through camps, clinics and events!”.

Giampaolo Galli, first of ever italian adaptive rider to enter a competition

In Italy, during the 2006-07 season, there were the firsts test projects for disable riders, focused on clinics for blind people and competition opportunities in cooperation with USASA: first italian disable competitor land in California last april to join USA Nationals (Giampaolo Galli @ USA Nationals). From Italian WSF delegates arrive also the recent announcement of a WSF Adaptive World Cup, planned for the next winter in the Alps.

WSF delegates meet people from all this organization during the USA Nationals in Northstar at Tahoe, California and start up some common project. We hope that all this enery will help the introduction of snowboarding in the next Paraolympic games in Vancouver, Canada, 2010.

To present new project or for info on existing adaptive snowboard projects, contact

Adaptive riders at USA Nationals 2007 Boardercross competition

by Marco Sampaoli