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SAFESHRED speaks French, Finnish, German, Italian and Swedish!

The WSF online course for safe snowboarding is now accessible in 6 languages

SafeShred is an educational program that aims at raising awareness on ethics and integrity issues in snowboarding among the grassroots riders, especially young ones between 13-15 years of age – the future of snowboarding.

On the WSF Academy, the SafeShred E-learning course is now available in 6 languages: English, French, Finnish, German, Italian and Swedish. It is short, fun, easy to understand and divided into five modules:

(1) Basic Human Rights,
(2) Reporting and Speaking up,
(3) Harassment/Bullying,
(4) Anti-Doping and
(5) Manipulation of Sports Competitions.


This course:

  • is completely free and has no time limit to complete
  • contains short videos for a total of 50 mins to watch
  • has short quiz after each module
  • provides a certificate of completion
  • is entirely downloadable in PDF format


The E-Learning course can be taken either:

  • By the rider themselves: Where the rider creates an account using an email id and basic information
  • By the rider assisted by a parent/coach: Where the parent or coach creates an account using their email id
  • By the riders together in a group setting: Where the coach or club/federation staff member creates the account and runs through the course in a group setting



Under the coordination of the WSF, the SafeShred material was developed by the experts of the Foundation for Sport Integrity (Stitching CSCF) with the support of the six national associations: Austrian Snowboard Association, Finnish Snowboard Association, Snowboard Germany, Snowboard Italy, Swedish Ski Association, Swiss Ski. The SafeShred project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.




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WSF’s Erasmus+ SafeShred project comes to an end with successful closing conference

The World Snowboard Federation and its partners are proud to announce the successful closing conference of the Erasmus+ SafeShred project, which took place in Innsbruck, Austria on June 16th, during the 2023 WSF General Assembly.

SAFESHRED is an educational program to equip young riders with a comprehensive understanding of key sport integrity issues, enabling them to navigate challenges they may encounter in their snowboarding journey. This groundbreaking program covers a wide range of crucial topics, explained in the most simple manner to the young riders of different age groups, ensuring that these aspiring athletes possess the knowledge and tools to thrive while maintaining integrity.

SafeShred in numbers:

  • 1 E-learning course: free and accessible to all on the WSF Academy
  • 6 Languages available: English, Finnish, French, German, Italian and Swedish
  • 1 Riders’ guide: to support snowboard associations in addressing integrity issues with young riders
  • 195 Young Riders (of 13 to 19 years of age) trained during SafeShred workshops in 6 different countries (2022)
  • 6 Topics: manipulation of sports competition, doping, harassment and bullying, corruption, whistleblowing system, and basic human rights
  • 9 Partners
  • 2,5 Years duration


One of the remarkable achievements of this project is the development of essential resources, including the Rider’s Guide and the multilingual E-learning course. These deliverables, along with the research-based comprehensive pedagogical training materials and the trained trainers in each of the countries, provide the snowboard community a powerful and unparalleled toolset for years to come. All the results are available on the SafeShred page of the WSF website.

SafeShred Closing Conference (c) Andreas Amplatz

CLOSING CONFERENCE – Is snowboarding really safe? Participants from all over the world were invited to discuss during the SafeShred closing conference in Austria. This interactive event included a quiz to test participants’ knowledge on past and current cases of integrity issues in their sport, exchanges between partners on their experience and challenges throughout the project, group discussions on how to make the best use of the available educational tools, and presentations of the main project results.

SafeShred Closing Conference (c) Andreas Amplatz

SafeShred partners (c) CSFC

MEET THE PARTNERS– The World Snowboard Federation would like to thank the managers and sport integrity experts of CSCF Foundation for Sport Integrity, the researchers from the University Ramon Lull in Spain, and the snowboard associations who contributed to SafeShred: Austrian Snowboard Association, Finnish Snowboard Association, Snowboard Germany, Snowboard Italia, Snowboard Team Sweden, and Swiss Snowboard.

SafeShred is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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The WSF online course for safe snowboarding is in the works.

The WSF and SafeShred project are ensuring young athletes are educated to recognize harmful situations and how to prevent them. SafeShred partners are entering the last year project until the publication of its final output: the SafeShred E-learning.

The SafeShred E-learning is a fun and interactive online course for young riders to acquire basic knowledge of ethics and integrity. The topics covered are manipulation of sports competition, doping, harassment, bullying, corruption, whistleblowing system and basic human rights. It will be accessible to all on the WSF Academy.

On 24 September 2022, managers, trainers and representatives of the snowboard world met in Kloten to test the prototype of the SafeShred E-learning. They navigated through the different modules, put on their critical glasses and gave constructive feedback to the production team. In the following two weeks, young riders from different countries also shared their insights after testing the course. Next stop: publication of the course in English and translation in different languages (German, Italian, Finnish, Swedish).

In conjunction with the E-learning, SafeShred partners are also finalizing the other tangible results: the riders’ guide, the SafeShred training material, the desk research, and the evaluation of the effectiveness of trainings. This material will shortly be available to all WSF members willing to organize their own workshops to empower young riders in facing unethical issues in snowboarding. 

More SafeShred news is coming this winter…

*The SafeShred project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. 

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The World Snowboard Federation (WSF) and the CSCF – Foundation for Sport Integrity are engaged to protect young riders and the integrity of snowboarding.

While the riding season is coming to an end for the grassroots snowboard movement, more than a hundred of young riders have already participated in trainings on key integrity topics across Europe. These interactive and educational workshops have raised awareness on the dangers of doping and sport manipulation, on the prevention of harassment/bullying, the protection of human rights, and the importance of speaking up against any threat and misconduct.

On March 27th, two trainings were successfully integrated as side-events of the World Rookie Snowboard Finals, organized in the historic location of Kitzsteinhorn Zell am See-Kaprun, thanks to the cooperation of the Austrian Snowboard Association (ASA), as project partner and host of the event, the experts from CSCF and the WSF.

“It was a great experience to see how interested and motivated the young people are to work on this project. For us it’s a pleasure to be part of SafeShred and we will come up for sure with more SafeShred Workshops.” Meini

On this occasion, Boris Kilvinger, SafeShred project manager of WSF, and Carlos Gutierrez, operations manager of CSCF, presented the topics of sports manipulation and basic human rights, respectively, to more than 30 young riders and coaches.

“It was nice to see that the workshops developed by CSCF appeal to the youth and that they are a powerful tool to initiate a sustainable improvement for the whole snowboard sport” Boris Kilvinger

We all know that education is a fundamental pillar to raise awareness about the dangers that stem from sports integrity issues. Having the opportunity to share with young riders the concepts of human rights and how it applies in the context of snowboarding was unique. The interest of the young participants was impressive, and the message was clear: Be alert to human rights violations and don’t hesitate to speak up!” Carlos Gutierrez

This was also the occasion for the project coordinators to discuss the following steps of the SafeShred project: the translation and publication of the SafeShred Handbook, the designing of an E-learning program that will be accessible on the online WSF Academy and the organization of a final conference to present these results among and beyond the world snowboard community.

Stay tuned! The winter might come to an end soon, but there is more to come for SafeShred in 2022!

*The SafeShred project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.


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SafeShred October Update

I think it is a good thing for our young riders to become more aware about these topics that are so important when it comes to sexual harassment and bullying, that could absolutely be occurring in our sport. If we start with the younger ages now, we will do ourselves a favor for the future”, Jocke Hammar, Swedish Ski Association (SSA).

I think it is very important because it gives tools for the youth on how to act on different situations”, Satu Jarvela, WSF President.

The first in-person Transnational Project Meeting of the SafeShred project took place in Zurich, on September 24th. The WSF General Assembly was a great opportunity to share the objectives and first results of SafeShred with the rest of the world snowboard community but it was mainly the occasion for participants to acknowledge the project achievements, plan the coming activities, adjust the timeline and align the outcomes to the expectations of the snowboard field.

Participants realized all the work that had been conducted since the project was launched, although they never before sat around the same table. To begin with, the Foundation for Sport Integrity (Stitching CSCF), represented by Carlos Gutierrez and Norbert Rubicsek, gave the results of the Fact-Finding Missions (FFM) in which 38 people were interviewed in six different countries. The most prevalent issues were related to the whistleblowing system and basic human rights, but other ethical topics addressed in the project remained important for the snowboard associations: doping, harassment/bullying, corruption, and manipulation of sports competition. The partnerships discussed the most relevant target groups for each project outcome: the Riders’ Guide will tackle the lack of knowledge among the adults (riders, trainers, managers, staff) and equip them to talk about these topics with young riders, while the Training for Riders and the E-learning Program will focus on the grassroots riders at a very young age. 

The academic partner was also able to join the meeting online from Spain. Rachel Mirabet from the Ramon Llull University provided an overview of the Desk Research, which gathers the existing regulations and policies in the countries of the partnership. She also walked the partner through a survey that will be spread among riders across Europe to analyze their understanding on the different ethical topics and eventually adapt the curriculum to their needs.

This meeting came right on point to further motivate all participants in designing sustainable tools to educate riders to recognize harmful situations and how to prevent them. Stay tuned for the coming up SafeShred activities!

Project Manager Erasmus+:
Boris Kilvinger 

Project Coordinator:
Floriane Poncet 

SafeShred is a program co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

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SafeShred SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Educational Program Underway

September will be a decisive month for the SafeShred project. Indeed, September will host the first “real-life” event with SafeShred partners. This is a milestone in the project’s lifetime because the Covid-19 pandemic has so far limited the scope of all gatherings to online meetings. At the occasion of the WSF General Assembly, the six European snowboard associations involved in SafeShred and the other partners should therefore finally experience the full benefit of what any Erasmus+ Project can offer: share experiences and strengthen cooperation in a multicultural environment.

In Zurich, Switzerland, the Foundation for Sport Integrity (Stitching CSCF) will present the results of their research conducted in six countries to propose the first pillars of the curriculum, which will take the form of both a Riders’ Guide and an E-learning Program. The “Fact-Finding Missions” were conducted in Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland. Over the last few weeks, the Foundation for Sport Integrity and the WSF also led online brainstorming sessions with these same snowboard associations to shape a program that will respond to the needs and match the opportunities on the field. With this feedback, the CSCF team of experts is currently working hard on the first draft of the curriculum.

Finally, SafeShred also got a fresh identity in September with the finalization of its logo. SafeShred is a program co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

Just like the rest of the snowboard community, SafeShred partners already look forward to winter 2021-22 during which the curriculum will be tested by young riders across Europe and beyond. An exciting initiative to raise awareness among the grassroots riders on issues related to ethics in snowboarding.

Click here for more information on SafeShred.

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SafeShred Update: Empowering young riders to face unethical issues in Snowboarding

The different partners involved in SafeShred, an initiative co-financed by the Erasmus+ Sport program of the European Commission, started their cooperation at the beginning of 2021. Since then, they have already done considerable work on the project.

SafeShred aims at designing and implementing an educational program to raise awareness among the grassroots riders on issues related to ethics in snowboarding. The first step in the process is to collect the key information and practices about several topics such as manipulation of sport competition, doping, harassment, corruption, etc. This preparation phase, also called “Comprehensive Research” should help in building a strong program adapted to the young riders.

In the last two months, the University Ramon Llull Fondacio based in Spain, has led a research on the legislation and policies of the partner countries, and more broadly in Europe. In the meantime, several experts from the project partner Foundation for Sport Integrity (Stitching CSCF) have interviewed expert riders, coaches, managers, ethic and law experts, supporting personnel and other stakeholders coming from the field of snowboarding. These fact-finding missions were conducted in six countries: Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland. The contribution of the WSF members (list below) has been extremely valuable in understanding how people view the existing policies related to these ethical topics and how the practices observed on the field reflect (or not) the legal documents. The last ongoing step in the preparation phase is a survey constructed and conducted by the University Ramon Llull Fondacio among the athletes to learn about their perspective, prior knowledge, trust, fears, and exposure.

The curriculum will be created by the experts of the Foundation for Sport Integrity (Stitching CSCF) and adapted in two formats: a Riders’ Guide and an E-learning Program. The WSF already looks ahead to the delivery of the education program to the young riders by gathering good practices and experiences across the partner countries. Throughout the winter 2021-22, training for riders will be organized across Europe and beyond, to test the curriculum and review the final project deliverables.

Special thanks to the members of the WSF involved in SafeShred: Austrian Snowboard Association, Finnish Snowboard Association, Snowboard Germany, Snowboard Italy, Swedish Ski Association, Swiss Ski.