Croatia Snowboard Movie 2011: Petarda!

This time we wanted to take our time to make this really a big step forward, so Petarda is a 2-year project that began filming in December 2009 and it will be released in Spring 2011.

Petarda – First trailer from Tribe Films on Vimeo.

Petarda will again gather the best riders from the Croatian snowboard scene so it will feature the riding of Vid Barić, Toni Jelenić, Ana Rumiha, Matija Dukić, Luka Ivica, David Sutlović, Anja Štefan, Maja Radišić, Filip Krstanović and some friends.

Petarda will, as all our recent projects, be available for free online streaming and download. A second trailer will be released before the movie comes out, and we’ll keep uploading short “video in progress” clips throughout the season.

Why Petarda? In Croatian, “Pet” means five (this is our fifth movie) and “Petarda” means firecracker (we want to make a big kaboom with this movie!).

Tribe Films has come a long way since its beginning in 2005, as now riders like Ana Rumiha and Vid Barić started to make noise on the European snowboard scene. Each of our movies is a step forward in terms of riding, but also organization and experience, as we’re doing this with basically no financial support so we have to do everything on our own. Fortunately, a talented young filmer, Rene Gallo, joined us and will be in charge for all filming and editing for this movie.

With the release of this trailer we also redesigned our homepage.. visit us at

Author: silvia