Drew Stevenson Resigns as TTR CEO

After six incredible years of hard work and effort put into the successful creation of the TTR, on Thursday the 24th of January 2008, Drew Stevenson tendered his resignation from his position as CEO of the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour.

In response to his resignation, Drew Stevenson stated: “In 2002, a group of people came together who were not happy with the status quo and wanted to see snowboarding have at least an alternative. They believed something could be done against all odds for the sport and lifestyle of snowboarding that related to the people that really did it. I was lucky enough to be involved in that original crew. With the hard work, passion and integrity of the Event Organizers, support from the Riders, Industry Brands and dedicated work of the TTR Board and Staff, the TTR has grown to something I am really proud of and that has an amazing future. The Team is great, the Tour is financially stable with a long-term sponsor in place, and I know the growth can continue on its own. I would like to thank everyone; it has been an amazing ride. Thanks to all the riders and my friends for these life experiences, for me it is time for a change.”

“Drew Stevenson has always been the engine behind TTR,” said Reto Lamm, president of the Swatch TTR World Tour. “We are very thankful for all the work he has done in snowboarding and for the Tour. We grew to the biggest snowboard movement in the world with Drew as our CEO and he always went all the way with full commitment. The TTR Crew, Board, and friends thank him deeply and wish him good luck on his ongoing path and future adventures that will certainly arise.”

Author: mucca