Estonian Open Championships Ruled by "Homies"

On a perfect winter day, more than 70 riders gathered in Kuutsemäe, Estonia for the Monster Energy Ride in Baltics Tour`13 Stop6 slopestyle competition „Estonian Open Championship” on February 23rd 2013.

The park in Kuutsemäe with 2 big jumps and 3 rail-box obstacles in the slopestyle course fulfilled all wishes for a great snowboard day. The riders appreciated it throwing difficult tricks over different elements in park. As main organizer Karel Kangro said: “The riding level was very high in all groups! The winning run of the Snowboard Men Pro group by Sulev Paalo consisted of tricks like frontflip from the small knockle in the first jump inrun, fs 7 + backside 9 + cab 270 to rail in bottom part.”

In almost all groups, Estonian riders were the best this time. So Estonians took the highest places on the podium and Estonian champion titles – Johanna Linda Pihlak, Marten Kikas, Kert Talu, Indrek Tamm and Sulev Paalo. Congratulations!

The “AERODIUM Fly High” contest winner this time was not a snowboarder, but a young Estonian skier – Artti Aigro, who was jumping over the largest kicker with some sweet bs360 and other tricks!

But the battle for Baltic champion titles is still on! Current Monster Energy Ride in Baltics Tour`13 leaders after „Estonian Open Championship” are Karina Vitina, LAT (snowboard women), Morauskas Motiejus, LTU (snowboard kids), Talu Kert, EST (snowboard juniors), Indrek Tamm, EST (snowboard men open) and Toms Petrusevics, LAT (snowboard men pro).

Only Indrek Tamm has ensured 1st place in overall ranking by winning all 6 stops of Monster Energy Ride in Baltics Tour`13 in snowboard Men Open group.

Podium results

Snowboard Women

1.Johanna Linda Pihlak EST

2.Modesta Morauskaite LTU

3.Kaili Randmae EST

4.Linda Varusk EST

Snowboard Kids

1.Marten Kikas EST

2.Kaur Piirsalu EST

3.Hendrik Kraav EST

4.Motiejus Morauskas LTU

Snowboard Juniors

1.Kert Talu EST

2.Markuss Brieze LAT

3.Larsen Molder EST

4.Egert Piik EST

Snowboard Men Open

1.Indrek Tamm EST

2.Roland Mik EST

3.Hugo Pihlak EST

4.Carl-Robert Linnupuu EST

Snowboard Men Pro

1.Sulev Paalo EST

2.Keijo Ruuven EST

3.Marko Vilumaa EST

4.Matis Maltsar EST

All results and photo gallery:

Photos by Ride in Baltics


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Author: silvia