Gummi Love Banked Slalom Stoos: Back to the Roots!

On March 18th, 2017, the 2nd annual GummiLove Banked Slalom will be held on the Klingenstock. In this vintage discipline of snowboarding it’s not about competition, above everything it’s about snowboarding and enjoying the sport we love. Following the main event you are invited to join us and celebrate!

Snowboarding in its most original form in an original place – this is the GummiLove Banked Slalom on Stoos. This official tour stop of the World Snowboard Federation will take place for the second time this year. Approximately 100 contestants shredded down the natural giant slalom terrain last year. The event founder, Daniel ´Gummi` Rietmann states, “This route is unique. The guys from Shredisfaction will do their best to ensure that everybody is experiencing a moment of pure happiness here.

a3_banked_slalom_2017_def3A Spectacle for Spectators
At Stoos, people of all ages will meet for a snowboard festival on Saturday. Whether you´re a devoted shredder, or just a curious bystander, here, people of all types have one thing in common, to have fun. And such fun is guaranteed with not only the race, but the award ceremony and cozy get-together afterwards.

After party with DJ Skor
As the sun goes down, if you are still in a festive mood, come to the Klingenkeller bar, where the reknowned DJ Skor will be laying down his own fresh tracks. Take advantage of the cable car at 02:15 down to Schlattli and onwards with the bus to the train station in Schwyz. A perfect end to the day!

Hosted by Shredisfaction
Beni Plüss from the Shredisfaction Snowpark Stoos is looking forward to the upcoming event: “In its 9-year history, the snowpark has developed into a major player in the freestyle scene of Central Switzerland. For the GummiLove Banked Slalom, the snowpark team is prepared with 15 people contributing a variety of material and experience to the event.

Just 40 Minutes Away
The Stoos winter sports area is centrally located and can be reached quickly from Zurich, Luzerne, and Zug. From all three cities you are only 40 minutes away from the valley at the Stoos Mountain Station. Following a short, and scenic ride, you arrive to the alpine plateau, where the GummiLove Banked Slalom will be hosted for the second time.

Social Brand GummiLove
GummiLove offers the message for a healthy and safe sexuality: playful, casual, and honest. The social brand is involved in freestyle sports, music, and art. GummiLove is financed by its own products, events, and sponsors.

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Author: Elisa