In the memory of Lars Eriksen

A great man of snowboarding died in an avalanche on Christmas eve in his hometown Hemsedal, Norway. The World Snowboard Federation thanks Lars for his strong contribution to snowboard for decades. He was a high class park shaper on a mission, but also dedicated photographer, surfer and hiker.

WSF received the news about the loss of a true snowboarder with great sadness. Lars Eriksen was the head shaper in Hemsedal and has been the park designer for big events like the Burton European Open and the Arctic Challenge. Lars was also the man behind the popular WSF shaper clinics, where he focused on the design of a snowpark as one of the main features for a ski resort. In addition, Lars produced a new manual about the design of modern snowparks.

In Norway he was a pioner shaper setting the standard for developing snowboard parks. In addition he was known for facilitating big international photo and film shoots, and he contributed to the development of top rides. At the same time, he focused on developing parks for children and youth on all levels, being a founding father for ”blue parks for kids” in Norway. In 2009, he was given the Norwegian Snowboard Associations award of honour for his good work and contribution.

Lars was a good friend for many of us. He lived with great energy and love for the people around him, the mountain og the nature. He represented the strong core values of snowboarding – friendship, creativity and having fun outdoors – and his memory will live on through the people who knew him.

The WSF send our thoughts of love and support to Lars`closest family and friends.

RIP Lars Eriksen.

Author: mucca