For the snowboard community, as it is for all outdoor lovers, climate change becomes very personal: it is visible in the melting of the glaciers, the shortening of the winters, and with it, the struggle to keep riding on slopes and snowparks under good and constant conditions.

The WSF leads a consortium of partners coming from the field of snowboard, research, advocacy and youth education, to explore how to increase the participation of young people in snowboarding activities while reducing transportation and in a sustainable way. Directly targeting the young generations, this program builds on their cultural and digital transformation, ultimately asking the fundamental question: “should snowboarding only be practiced on snow?”

ZERO innovates with:
• Digital contests with rides and challenges for all
• An online educational pathway for young people to become “zero net” riders
• Workshops and trainings to empower young riders and their families to take further action in the fight against climate change
• Opportunity analysis for the snowboarding community to adapt the sport to climate change
• Raising awareness campaigns