IOC will look to other events than FIS' events

The Norwegian Snowboard Association takes action in the slopestyle in the Olympics matter and WSF is supporting the project.

2 weeks ago the IOC postponed the decision to incorporate slopestyle snowboarding as an Olympic discipline in 2014, to assess quality. The Norwegian Snowboard Association (NSA) reacted upon this and had a meeting with IOC-member Gerhard Heiberg to discuss the case last Friday.The Norwegian Snowboard Association is now coordinating a list of existing events that will be handed to the Olympic Programme Committee.

(photocredit: Marco Sampaoli)

Our common goal should be to incorporate slopestyle snowboarding in the Olympic Games in a way that will take care of and further develop the unique values of the sport. The long term goal for The Norwegian Snowboard Association is that snowboarders will be responsible for the qualification process, and that snowboarders take the responsibility for their own sport”, states Cecilia Flatum, Norvegian Snowboard Federation president.

IOC stated last week that they would use the FIS World Championships to assess the quality of slopestyle snowboarding. Snowboarders have organized slopestyle events since the 1990ties.

NSA will coordinate a list of events
The Norwegian Snowboard Association got in touch with Gerhard Heiberg, who is IOC council member and chairman of the IOC marketing commission, to present and discuss alternative events to evaluate.
Mr Heiberg asked the NSA to send a prioritized list of events to the Olympic Programme Commission. This will hopefully be used as a basis to plan visits and the evaluation of slopestyle snowboarding. X Games, the TTR World Snowboard Tour-events, Dew Tour and the trial World Championships/The Arctic Challenge were discussed in the meeting.
NSA sent a list of events . Click here to read the letter sent to IOc from NSA

(photocredit: Marco Sampaoli)

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