Italian Open Para-Snowboard Championships

Patrice Barattero rode the best time at the Italian Open Para-Snowboard Championships while Giuseppe Comunale was crowned the Italian Champion of 2012.

Although this was the second year the Italian Snowboard Federation organized a Para-Snowboard Championship, it was the first year they had an open competition for international riders. French rider, Patrice Barettero won with the overall best time with Giuseppe Comunale winning the title of Italian Para-Snowboard Champion.

Last years championship winner, Roberto Cavicchi (ITA), finished his runs just seconds behind Comunale awarding him third overall.

Warm weather created difficult snow conditions but with the course crew working around the clock to create a smooth and flawless course, the riders tackled the conditions well and took in all the speed they could.

All in all, riders from four (4) different nations competed at Bellamonte-Alpe Lusia, both the standing and visually impaired classes were represented.

Standing – Men
1. Patrice Barattero (FRA)
2. Giuseppe Comunale (ITA)
3. Roberto Cavicchi (ITA)
4. David Preziosi (ITA)
5. Denis Colle (BEL)
6. Marco Antonioli (ITA)
7. Francesco Negri (ITA)
8. Peter Rolinec (SVK)
9. Nicola Dei Vecchi (ITA)
10. Marek Hiavina (SVK)

Standing – Women
1. Sara Dorigatti(ITA)

Visually Impaired – Men
1. Matteo Conterno(ITA)
2. Alessandro Bordini(ITA)

Author: silvia