Italy hosted the First European Para-Snowboarding Competition

Yes we Ride is the message coming from an amazing event in Valtorta, Italy where the first european official competition for disable snowboarders happened. Photo, video and rank … even if everyone was a winner in Valtorta.

Following the events in North America, finally Europe hosted an event for adaptive and disable snowboarders. Valtorta in Italy saw the first ever european competition for adaptive snowboarders with competitors from Italy and French challenging in a giant slalom race and showing an unexpected level of riding.

Patrice Barattero (FRA)

Patrice Barattero from France resulted the winner, followed by Christophe Odoit (FRA) and Gregory Leperdi (ITA). Among the competitors also one Marco Ercole, bi-amputee rider from Italy. All spectators and media, including main italian national tv channels Rai Tre and Rai Sport, were stoked about the level of riding and the positive attitude of the participants who claimed their spot at Para-Olympic Games where snowboarding is not (yet) an official discipline.

Gregory Leperdi (ITA)

WSF adaptive calendar 2008.09 consists of 4 official events all over the world. After the Canadian and Italian stops in other competitions will be hosted at the USA.SA National Championships in Copper Mountain, Colorado, from 4 to 11 april, and a summer stop will happen in New Zealand in july 2009. Riders from 8 nations and competition in Europe, North America and Oceania are part of the WSF Adaptive Program, which represent a perfect environment for push the adaptive snowboarding and claim its admission at the Para-Olympic Games.

Everyone was winner in Valtorta

Para-Snowboarding Giant Slalom in Valtorta, Italy, 2009

1. Patrice Barattero (FRA)
2. Christophe Odoit (FRA)
3. Gregory Leperdi (ITA)
4. Ludovic Durant (FRA)
5. Valerio Corvino (ITA)
6. Gianluca Cavaliere (ITA)
7. Gianpaolo Galli (ITA)
8. Marco Ercole (ITA)

The event in Valtorta, Italy, was organized by the Italian Association of Guides for Blind, recognized by Italian Paralympic Committee, World Snowboard Federation and Federazione Snowboard Italia. For further information about Para-Snowboarding check

Check out all the pictures from the event HERE

See you at Paralympics Games…

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