Lady First Challenge 2012

This weekend Leysin has welcomed the final of the Ladies First Challenge – the first Swiss ski and snowboard „freestyle“ tour reserved for the girls. About 20 skiers and snowboarders coming from all over Europe met in the Leysin Park on Saturday. The French girl Marion Haerty climbed on the highest step of the podium in snowboard.

The Ladies First Challenge 2012 ended beautifully on Saturday March 24th in the Leysin Park. The radiant sun allowed the 24 girls coming from the two qualifying rounds in Thyon (VS) and Wildhaus (SG) and the qualifying runs the previous day to ride in best conditions on the two lines of the module at disposal in the snowpark. Two jumps of 10 and 14 meters and a line of jib with a flat-down box, two straight rails and a up box.
Marion Haerty dominates competiton
The French girl Marion Haerty, 20 years old – distinguished herself in the category snowboard with an enormous bs Rodeo 540 followed by a cab 360 on the line of jumps. She was followed closely by Andrea Binkert a girl from Zurich who impressed the judges with a lovely frontboard on the big straight rail and a cab 360 on the first jump. Another Swiss girl – Elena Könz – ended up on the podium with a combination of cab 540 and back 540 mute very high on the line of jumps.

1. Marion Haerty (F) -> CHF 3’000.-
2. Andrea Binkert (CH) -> CHF 1’500.-
3. Elena Könz (CH) -> CHF 500.-
4. Domitilla Mattei (IT)
5. Vicci Miller (F)
6. Anaïs Cettou (CH)
7. Cindy Kälin (CH)
8. Caroline Höckel (CH)
9. Laura Berry (GB)
10. Ramona Petrig (CH)
11. Anouck Grau (CH)
12. Franziska Hansch (CH)
13. Justine Gremaud (CH)
14. Tanja Conti (CH)

Author: silvia