Banked Slalom



Banked Slalom

The first ever Legends World Tour (LWT) was a big hit, in Vermont, USA, Soda Springs, California USA, and Stuben, Austria. News has reached the Southern Hemisphere and there is a request to expand the tour next year.


Uber Legend Paul Graves: “The time has arrived where snowboarding Legends and Pioneers are finally getting an opportunity to return to slopes worldwide to interact with fans as well as compete again!  With multiple events in the USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and South America slated for the 2024-25 season there will be various opportunities to participate.”


Keith Kimmel and Laurie Asperas were the first legends riders to have attended all tour stops.  Here’s what they said: “You really get to experience the birth of snowboarding at its grassroots best when you go to an iconic legends event”, said Laurie Asperas, “I went to all three stops and can appreciate the cultural value of each stop on the tour. All the stops were unique in the terrain, how they competed and celebrated the sport. Competing on a world tour motivated me to train, try new technologies, and rethink what it means to be a competitor. I’m 62 this year and stoked more than ever”. As Keith Kimmel puts it: “It’s amazing to see all the cultural icons of snowboarding throughout the world, to unite as a community and appreciate the sport we all helped to create.  To feel the spirit of competition and comradery amongst longtime friends”.



Spreading the love and sharing the stories in person seems to have inspired movement in the global legends community. Riders who discovered the existence of the LWT have expressed a desire to participate in other events on the tour so that they can re-live the old times, visit the early competition sites, see old friends, meet their families, make new friends and envision the future of Legends Snowboarding.


A great big thank you to Paul Graves, Micheal Chantry, Dani Kiwi Meier, Paul Gruber, the WSF and legends riders for supporting this movement and providing the opportunity for innovation in a growing demographic- The Legends Rider!!! The LWT is truly one of the next steps in snowboarding.


Overall legends Legends World Tour Results

1st Laurie Asperas USA 280 points

2nd Keith Kimmel USA 230 points

3rd  Place tie 100 points

Solomon Arthur USA

Tom Burt USA

Scott Downey USA

Ruthie Goepel Canada

Steve Hayes USA

Amy Herman USA

Chriss Molello USA



For more details on individual Tour stops and results please visit legendsworldtour.com



Photo-Credits : (c) Sam Oetiker, Longboard Classic Stuben & Laurie Asperas

Author: Laurie Asperas