Manuel Pietropoli (Ita)

Manuel is the most talented italian rookie, Olympic rider and join the TAC twice. At 15th years old he realized a good part of his dreams but he still got some new goal for the incoming season: improve more and more.

Manuel at TAC05, Fisness Session

Name: Manuel Pietropoli
Nick name: none
Date of Birth: 30-april-1990
Nationality: Italian

Manuel at TAC05 and TAC06

Sponsor: Burton, Red Bull, Oakley
Stance: Regular, +18..-18
Favorite trick: fs 9 tail grab
Highest ranking: 3rd junior at BEO06
Favorite Spot: Everywhere there’s a good park!

Manuel at TAC05

Favorite food&drink: Italian pasta and…Red Bull!!!
Best Music: House
Best Artist: Finly
Best Movie: Step

Manuel at the World Rookie Fest Finals 06 in Soelden

The event of your dream: The Battle
Hero of all times: Shan White
Slogan: none
Future Projects: Improve my level as much as possible!

Manuel at the Olympics Games 2006 in Torino

Pics by Marco Sampaoli and Luca “Ciccio” Borghetti

Author: mucca