New website for Canada~Snowboard

Canada~Snowboard launched an updated version of the website. You will find updated information on athletes, on CS Programs, new calendars of upcoming events, a countdown to the next big event, a full feature frame. A new media section is in the works to help media outlets cover the sport of snowboarding.

The site will be updated with news and video gathered throughout the season at various events, such as training camps, World Cup, CS Tour events, RBC Riders, Adaptive snowboarding and more.

The site, which will be significantly updated in the coming weeks with new headers and easier to find information, will put a focus on Canada’s best snowboarders and major events in this upcoming season.

COACHES: The 2010 schedule for coaching clinics is now posted:

OFFICIALS AND JUDGES: Get involved and learn the ropes of snowboarding through officiating. Contact your Provincial and Territorial snowboard association for the fall schedule of official clinics in your province:

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