O'Neill Garden of Roses

O’Neill present a new TTR 3Star event in Italy: the Garden of Roses.


When: 15 feb -17 feb 2008
14 feb: arrival date (yes… Very romantic…)
15 feb: training and qualification for the non invited riders
16 feb: training and competition day
17 feb: shooting day and bye bye

O’Neill KingLaurin Snowpark – Alpe di Siusi

Snowpark Description
The O’Neill KingLaurin Snowpark is a very big park (length 1500m, 45000 square metres, 1 Hp, 13 rails, 18 boxes, 10 jumps) set in a fantastic area of the Dolomiti Mountain: Alpe di Siusi in the biggest alm of Europe. Located just 35 km from the highway exit of Bolzano (20 minutes by car), is very accessible ( 105 km from Innsbruck, 295 km from Milan) also by plane (good convention between Siusi and Airlines, with bus shuttle from airports).

The park is always shaped (man made snow is available) and the F-tech are organizing events for 6 Years, like the Subject Schlern.

3 stars TTR event.
The competition will be an invitational of Slopestyle with only 20 riders invited. (max25 riders).
15th feb. open qualification on Jam session for non–invited riders! Training and shooting for everybody
16th feb. competition day: The judging will be done by ex pro riders and riders.

The invited riders will be guest of the organization.

Prize Money:
10.000 euro total

General Info:
“The Garden of Roses name comes from an ancient local tale: the King Laurin, owner of a magnificent rose garden among the grey rocks, fell hopelessly in love with a princess and decided to abduct her. The knights of her family discovered his where abouts by the movement of the roses. When they caught him and were leading him off into captivity Laurin, in a rage over his fate, turned and put a curse on the rose garden- neither by day nor by night should human eyes ever again behold its beauty. However, he forgot dusk, which is why the rocks glow crimson as they blossom in the glow of the rising or sitting sun.”

Visit Online the O’Neill King Lauring Park:

For Info please contact:

Franz Perini
O’Neill Team and Event Manager
Mob: 0039 3383875421
e-m: franzpe@tin.it
Skype: franz perini

Carola Risatti
O’Neill Marketing Manager
Sportfactory Italia Spa
e-m: carola@sportfactoryitalia.com
Skype: carola risatti

Author: mucca