Pirate Movie Production support World Rookie Fests

A groundbraking news for the World Rookie Fests 2008 is the new cooperation with the famouse Pirate Movie Production which will invite the World Rookie Champion 2008 in Canada during summer 08, to shot some footage for future films and video projects. To introduce this European based film production company we interviewed Basti Balser, the Pirate producer.

How many months it takes the production of Walk the Plank, Pirates Movie 2008?
The production starts in autumn with Sponsor talks and getting together the crew and the filmers. Then as soon as the first snow falls we start collecting footage, normally in December in Sweden and/or in Russia. then we film all season and in Spring the pre-production and the editing starts as well as all the filming for the Intros. If everything works out good, we have the first Premier then in September (This year 15th September Innsbruck “Walk the Plank” Premiere!!!)….so I guess the production takes one year.
The pirate intro is super! tell us something about that part please!…and what island is that?
After producing 5 years Snowboardmovies under the Pirate flag, we thought this year we have to make a real Pirate-movie. So we packed all our stuff and left to Capraia a little Island in Italy to film all the Intros. We are really stoked on the result, so make sure to check it out…..

Which are you favorite parts?
I like everypart for itself. We have a lot of different characters on the boat, so I really like to see that everybody found there own way to express himself on a board. I am also super stoked again of our second movie, the new “Boardbagged” wich is a travell dokumentation again and where we visited China, Russia; Canada; Scandinavia and the whole alps.

Basti Balser

Can you list some resorts of the production?
Silvretta Nova and Hoch Joch in Montafon, Kleinarl in Flachau, Riksgroen, Are in Sweden…and there are so many good ones out there….

Are you satisfed for Walk The Plank?
Yes. I am super stoked on past season, even that the snow condition wasn?t always perfect, we found a lot of spots, the riding level and the filming improved a lot and it?s going to be our best release so far……watch out the Pirate story is not over yet….we are just beginning….

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Click on www.pirate-movie-production.com to know more about the pirates and their films.

Pictures courtesy from Eleonora Raggi and Andrea Pompini

Author: mucca