Poney Session 10th Anniversary

Ponies, friends, and a large crowd had fun and enjoy the party for 4 days long celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Poney Session seasonal theme « hunting and fishing ».

The snowpark was perfect with stair set wall SALOMON, Big Air BURN with duck pond, perfect jump DAKINE with his 9 meters Gun and finally a bonk cartridge CARLSBERG and a rail flat down HORSEFEATHERS.

Amazing level, with riders more engaged than ever, coming from all across Europe and the victory of Jonas Steen from Norway with an incredible run as double cork 12 and cab 10.

Sunny village, chill zone, speaker with fishing uniform, DJ perched on 2 meters high wood pigeon hunting hide, barbecue and our lovely osteopaths taking care of all riders.Cultural dimension, the rink was customized with bar and exhibitions : « LA MEUTE » painting made by BIZMUT and shoot with photographer Matt Georges presented by ACT Magazine.

Live paiting SALOMON on snowboards with major artists as collective Jean Spezial, Steven Burke, Odo and Bizmut and also VICE PARTY with our friends from Paris and daily breakdance show with DANS 6T squad.

Poney Session, it’s also and above all, party on Saturday night : « LA BATTUE » with 800 guests, 7 DJ and 100 % electic evening broadcast with dj MRC, dj SKILLZ, dj PACE et la Radio Nova Battle… delighted crowd enjoyed party until early morning and everyone is agreed to say that it have been an EPIC poney session and a wonderfull 10th year anniversary!

All Ponies want to thanks u for your help and support

Author: silvia