Pouring rain all day long – but GummiLove Banked Slalom Stoos was a big success

105 registrations (80 the year before) and 70 participants, the same number as the year before, ignored the really bad weather and celebrated snowboarding at it’s best in Stoos, the heart of Switzerland.


Daniel „Gummi“ Rietmann also didn’t care about the conditions and showed his happy face: „The set-up was extraordinary. I am sorry for the bad weather but that one definitely is not on us. We’re happy we could guarantee two nice runs for everyone. My respect goes out to the crew of Shredisfaction Snowpark Stoos and all the other volunteers. Everything went very well. Great job!


Happy faces everywhere
Beni Plüss, speaker and host from Shredisfaction still can’t find any words: „This is just amazing. We expected maybe around 10 freaks at the Klingenstock today. But 70 riders came here to participate. Unbelievable! That spirit you can only find in freestyle sports like snowboarding. This is very unique and the result was definetly worth the work.


Purtschert wins again
In the mens and girls categories the same riders as the year before were on top of the podium. Nadja Purtschert won with a fast 2nd run and Kilian Wiget was again fast as hell. Till Baechler grabbed the victory in his field of younger men (18-30). The fastest rookie at the GummiLove Banked Slalom was Julian Furrer, but the bravest of all was Neo: that little 7-year-old fellow accepted the weather and the challenge like a pro.Photo Credits: Patrick Graf


Author: Elisa