PowderPuff Girls Summer Camp 07 at Stryn, Norway

As the temperature in Norway starts to warm up and you bring out your sunglasses, skateboards and suncream, we also start warming up for another special event. On the back of last year’s success, the PowderPuff Girls are once again holding their annual snowboarding summer camp in Stryn. Yes, summer in Norway means summer snow! So if you are a snowboarding girl over 18 years old, you should start setting aside the 24th to 30th of June to come and join us!

This year’s camp is set to be an action filled week of snowboarding and courses with the PowderPuff Girls and many talented instructors. Set within the beautiful glacier valley of Stryn, we will be snowboarding during the days and holding courses in the afternoons. Whether you are keen to try surfing, yoga, skating or even break dancing, there will definitely be enough to keep you occupied. But don’t worry, we will also be devoting ourselves to the very important pastimes of BBQing and soaking up the sun!

Coming to the camp will be 15 girls from Norway, 15 from Denmark, Finland and Sweden, and 15 crewmembers, consisting of the instructors and other PowderPuff Girl crew.

“The main goal of the camp, besides having an awesome time, is to boost the competence of girls who are, or would like to be, active within the Norwegian and Nordic snowboard community. We aim to build strong national networks between snowboard girls, and inspire them to begin their own projects within their local environments at home. To have a strong national, and international network, makes everything so much easier when organising future events.” says Mette Mila of the Norwegian Snowboarding Association and PowderPuff Girls.

“Of course it won’t all be courses and workshops, we’ll have plenty of time for snowboarding, swimming, surfing, BBQs and skating at the campgrounds”, continues Mila with a smile.

It´s certainly going to be a week full of snowboarding, though if you are also keen to get things happening within your local environment, this is a camp for you. By going to www.powderpuffgirls.no you can check out the program, photos and articles from last year, and sign up for the camp. But do be quick as it’s a first-come, first-served basis. So go for it!

Camp dates: 24th to 30th June

Contact: email: jentecamp@nsbf.no or www.powderpuffgirls.no

Author: mucca