Rainbow rider: rocket launch for the new TAC song

Music is instrumental in board-sports, some would even claim that snowboarding has more similarities with rock´n roll than with conventional sports and that our athletes are rock stars. For the last 5 years, TAC has created its own soundtrack. All songs and effects in the tv-show is original score; from smooth background listening for result-lists to fast paced rock´n roll tailor made for spins, corks and tweaks in the slo-mo package. Today TAC launched this year’s title song: Rainbow Rider

TAC 2011 serves as trial world championships for the big event coming up in Oslo 2012. And needless to say; a trial world championship needs a song. Rainbow rider should inspire all riders to kill it at TAC and make it to the World Snowboarding Championships in Oslo 2012. The song is kickstarting a 1 year program to motivate riders from all over the world to qualify for the first legit World Snowboarding Championship since 1999. More will come.

The song is written and performed by Rolf Yngve Uggen (Gluecifer, Smoke Mohawk), Henning Andersen (TAC) and Magic Magnus. Rolf and Henning are also the mad minds behind all tunes and original score for the TV-soundtrack. The soundtrack will be available, free of charge, for all content producers in snowboarding – after TAC.

Recent X-Games gold medalist and triple corker Torstein Horgmo delivered a few tracks for the 2010 production and is now back with more killer beats. How he finds time to make music while pushing snowboard-progression to new levels, we don’t know, but thanks Torstein.

It is widely recognized that lyrics about snowboarding usually comes out kinda cheesy and lame, but when a wordsmith like Uggen releases his rhymes on the rythm its time to revise old prejudices, cause this shit is words of wisdom. Pop it in your pod and let it be the soundtrack of your own epic shred-moments this winter.

Listen TAC 2011 official song “Rainbow Rider” HERE

Author: silvia