Roni Rintala (Fin)

Roni is a finnish rookie, wel trained on jumps and rail.

Name: Roni Rintala
Nick name: Rontti
Date of Birth: 3.7.1990
Nationality:FinlandSponsor: Burton,Dragon
Stance: dont know.
Favorite trick: SwBs 7
Highest ranking: BEO jr slopestyle 5, BEO jr half-pipe 5, FIN forum youngblood 1,Forum youngblood europeanfinals 3, FIN championchips slopestyle 2
Favorite Spot: Talma
Favorite food&drink: pizza,Battery-energy drink
Best Music: everything goes.
Best Artist: –
Best Movie: Robotfood afterbang
The event of your dream: good weather..good park ( laid back )
Hero of all times: Heikki Sorsa
Slogan: you live just one times
Future Projects: go to BEO.. ride and have fun

Author: monejim