RVision, a story about snowboarding

Winters in Europe are unpredictable and hard to read. Conditions can change rapidly and you never know what you’ll get. Instead of staying at home and praying for snow, Gregor Betschon and Thomas Landolt bought a mobile home, picked up a license to drive and traveled through the Alps in search of deep snow.


No running water, freezing temperatures and days without electricity, is the raw side of living in a campervan during winter. Being able to follow the snowfall in Europe and discovering unknown little resorts with amazing terrain is the trade off for giving up any comfort.


Rider Gregor Betschon_Photo Adrian Oesch

The original and exclusively composed soundtrack by a young band called “The Rookies“ makes this film in addition truly unique.

Hop on and enjoy the ride!

Thomas, Adrian, Gregor_Photo Kevin Cathers

Photo on the top: Thomas, Gregor_Photo Kevin Cathers

Check out the Gregor’s Full Interview here: http://www.whiteout.ch/2015/10/30/rvision-interviewed/

More info: rvisionfilm.ch

Watch the trailer below!

Author: Elisa