SafeShred SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Educational Program Underway

September will be a decisive month for the SafeShred project. Indeed, September will host the first “real-life” event with SafeShred partners. This is a milestone in the project’s lifetime because the Covid-19 pandemic has so far limited the scope of all gatherings to online meetings. At the occasion of the WSF General Assembly, the six European snowboard associations involved in SafeShred and the other partners should therefore finally experience the full benefit of what any Erasmus+ Project can offer: share experiences and strengthen cooperation in a multicultural environment.

In Zurich, Switzerland, the Foundation for Sport Integrity (Stitching CSCF) will present the results of their research conducted in six countries to propose the first pillars of the curriculum, which will take the form of both a Riders’ Guide and an E-learning Program. The “Fact-Finding Missions” were conducted in Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland. Over the last few weeks, the Foundation for Sport Integrity and the WSF also led online brainstorming sessions with these same snowboard associations to shape a program that will respond to the needs and match the opportunities on the field. With this feedback, the CSCF team of experts is currently working hard on the first draft of the curriculum.

Finally, SafeShred also got a fresh identity in September with the finalization of its logo. SafeShred is a program co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

Just like the rest of the snowboard community, SafeShred partners already look forward to winter 2021-22 during which the curriculum will be tested by young riders across Europe and beyond. An exciting initiative to raise awareness among the grassroots riders on issues related to ethics in snowboarding.

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Author: Tricia