Silvana Bachmann (Sui)

Silvana enter her first World Rookie Fest in Solden, summer 2006.

Name: Bachmann Silvana
Nick name:
Date of Birth: 25.04.88
Nationality: Switzerland
Sponsor: Seed
Stance: regular +18, -15
Favorite trick: frontside 360
Highest ranking: swiss champ 2006 big air, 1st world rookie fest 2006, 3th South Side tour 2006
Favorite Spot: Scuol, Laax or simply there where there is a good park…
Favorite food&drink: chocolate cake
Best Music: Mando Diao, Offspring, Sublime,…

Best Artist:

Best Movie: ey dude, where is my car?
The event of your dream: a big one…J
Hero of all times: my family, Pinkladies
Slogan: always keep the aims in my mind
Future Projects: to reach my aims and have fun with it

Author: monejim