Slovakian Snowboard Fest 2007

Saturday 24th of february was succesfully done the Sony Ericson Snowboard Fest, first TTR 2 Star event in Slovakia. For bad snow condition we had to move this event from Drienica (home base for this event ) to other place Oravska Lesna. For really good effort of ski resort we were able to build platform for two jumps (15m and 17m).

Training and Qualification
We had 33 riders from Slovakia, Poland, Czech republic and also riders from Great Britain came to fight for sword of Malaysia tiger. „Head to head“ was format of competion. Only best one can pass! In qualification riders were fighting for twenty free places which were in semifinal. No one knew who is going to be his rival because it was toss by judges. From beginning we had interesting couples like Dušan Bizík a Martin Grisnik ( friends from Martin), Richard Skandera – Pstruna (team riders) or Michal Ligocký – Honza Zajíc (two riders who had supposition to win).

Already in first run we had possibility to see ss bs 720 by Michael Ligocky, fs 900 by Honza Zajic or nice inverted bs 540 by Tomas Hrnciar. Tomas had bad luck, his rival was Richi Skandera and with his bs 7 knock out Tomas defiance his admirable inverted bs 540. Only departure from the rule was Honza Zajic, that was adjucitation for reason that Dano Frano and Juraj Boda fall off in both try. Definetly Zaja with his fs 900 was right rider for this place. Among best ten riders passed Martin Rybansky 9 (fs360) who was against Milan Purdes alias Droty (bs5 and fs5 not clean landing). Thin border was between Mato Matys (svk) and Tomášom Tuzarom (cz), both riders made bs 720, Matos one was done better and this moved him to next run. Next rivals were friends from same town, Dusan Bizik versus Martin Grisnik, Dusan passed with bs180. Nice fight was also between Matus Hubka and Miso Husar. Mate made amazing cab 7 and even Miso made fs 5 this was not enough. Most simple way between best ten riders had Martin Popper, his rival James Costa who abdicated because of lesion, Martin made bs 3 no grab. Last two riders who step forward were Juraj Matyas a Ondra Zvonicek with bs540 indy grab, they eliminated Riso Kubis and Richie Logan

Aftre small repairing which were necessary for jumps we started with final run. There for audience and riders had to wait few minutes. Like first went Mato Matys and immediately he insured his advance with bs 900. His rival Dusan Bizik made stylish bs180 indy and later japan. Richi Skandera had his bad day. Aftre first jump he had to leave this event because of broken binding. Matus Hubka passed with cab fs 7 indy. Most heavy work had Martin Rybansky alias Ryba because of his rival Michael Ligocky. After first run it looked better for Ryba with his nice fs540 indy, but in second run Michael Ligocky made ss bs540 (one from highest air), Ryba fight till end but fs720 was not with perfect landing and this designated just one, end for Ryba in this event. Juraj Matias against Martin Popper. bs 540 with nice landing passed Juraj between five best riders. Last combat was between czech riders Honza Zajic and Ondra Zvonicek. Honza Zajic was present in really nice done jumps like bs 7 and fs 9 and that moved him to another round.

In superfinal round we had five best riders. Riders had 30miniutes to show us the best. Appreciation was overall effect from all jumps durind superfinal round. For first two places were struggling two riders Michael Ligocki and Honza Zajic. Both riders demonstrated snowboarding on professional level. Michael showed us switch backside 7, backside 7 indy, frontside 7 tailgrab, bs 180 a frontside 360 indy against bs 7, bs 9, fs 7, fs 9 a switch bs 5 which were done by Honza Zajic. But also Matus Hubka with Mato Matys did not capitulate. There for we could see bs 7 indy, cab 3 indy by younger Mato and bs 5 indy a cab 7 by Matus. Juro Matyas made bs 180 and streight air one foot.

Style Jump.
Price for most stylish jump took Michael Ligocki with his frontside 360indy grap.

Overall ranking:
1. Michal Ligocki (POL)
2. Jan Zajíc (CZE)
3. Mato Matys (SVK)
4. Matúš Hubka (SVK)
5. Juraj Matyáš (SVK)
6. Martin Rybanský (SVK)
7. Dušan Bizík (SVK)
8. Martin Popper (SVK)
9.-10. Ondra Zvonícek (CZE), Richard Skandera (CZE)

Women rounds:
We had just three girls who were registrated in day of event. First place took Basa Stevulova, one from best slovak riders.

Author: mucca