South America Snowboard Challenge 2013

Few days ago the first edition of South America Snowboard Challenge went down organized by the Brazilian Snowboard Association (Associaçao Brasileira de Snowboard – ABS) in collaboration with the Secretary of Tourism of Chubut from 3rd to 7th of August 2013.

The wonderful Patagonian region in Argentina gave all kind of support to host and develop this brand new snowboard festival in the ski area of La Hoya (ARG), located in the mountain surrounding the town of Esquel (ARG).
In the original program, there were two 3Star comps listed: one Slopestyle and one Big Air.
But due bad weather conditions with strong winds and few visibility that persisted in the region during all the week, the ABS had to downgrade the event to a 2Star level and realizing only the slopestyle competition.
The best Brazilian snowboarders fought against the best Argies riders that dominated all the Slopestyle podium. Highlights of the event, among the TTR comp, was the amazing BBQ powered by Burton Argentina free for all (including beer too!!) and the insane Brazilian downhill which was realized at the end of the day.
Also the final party was really awesome with a lot of cerveza y buena onda!! Thanks to all that believe, support and participate to this first edition of South America Snowboard Challenge.

Results of 2Star South America Snowboard Challenge – Slopestyle (SS)

1 Matías Schmitt (Arg)
2 Matias Radaelli (Arg)
3 Martin Jaureguialzo (Arg)
4 Luciano Fertonani (Arg)
5 Tomas Orol (Arg)
6 Marcos Green (Arg)
7 Santiago Gamen (Arg)
8 Alex Cristie (Arg)
9 Lucas Cardell (Arg)
10 Gaston Stocker (Arg)
11 Rodrigo Ortale (Bra)
12 Gabriel Becker (Bra)
13 Rafael Ramos (Bra)
14 Rodrigo Esposito (Bra)
15 Cesar Bonfin (Bra)
16 Eduardo Casol (Bra)
17 Matheus Avila (Bra)
18 Isac Teixeira (Bra)
19 Joao Ferriera (Bra)

Result of Brazilian Downhill (DH)
1 Rodrigo Esposito (Bra)
2 Rodrigo Ortale (Bra)
3 Vinicious Bonfin (Bra)

More informations at ABS website and/or FB page:

Author: silvia