Stian Sivertzen (Nor)

Stian is a talented rookie from Norway, local in Kronsberg. He already run several Topolino Snowboard Trophy and a couple of world rookie fest, getting good results everytime!

Name: Stian Sivertzen
Nick name:Also called Stiverten
Date of Birth:28.03.89
Stance: 15-12
Favorite trick:Bs Rodeo
Highest ranking:3 Europacup Bulgaria
Favorite Spot: Laax Switzerland and Kongsberg, Norway
Favorite food&drink: Mum’s pizza and Olden Boble(drink).
Best Music: Red Balloons – AFI
Best Artist: AFI
Best Movie: Paradox
The event of your dream:Olympic and The Artic Challange
Hero of all times: Terje Haakonsen
Slogan: Live the life ride goodJ
Future Projects: No one at the moment.

Author: monejim